5 Best Blender Under 100 $ in 2022 (Ultimate Guide & Review)

by | Feb 24, 2021

Today no meal is complete without smoothies, silky smooth soups; sauce, shakes, etc and you will be convinced by this fact that they do activate taste receptors in your body. The best blender under 100 $ works great in your kitchen from chopping, dicing to grinding. Because of all these qualities, it is the first choice of every cooking lover. 

What else to wish for in a blender with all these benefits are available in the budget. Here we are going to list the best blender under 100. Continue reading to find out more

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Things to be Considered for Best Blender Under 100

Before buying a blender there are many things to consider like the quality of the machine, power motor, its capacity, price, blades etc. So, before buying a blender consider all the points which are described below.


The main protagonist of the movie blender is its blades. They should be strong and sharp enough to churn any food material from whirling of bananas to crushing of ice. Make sure the quality of the blades is good, they should be made up with quality material like stainless steel with four to six sharp tips.

It would be icing on the cake if the manufacturer provides a replacement warranty as blades may wear out after regular use. A good quality blade of a blender processes your ingredients into smooth, creamy perfection.


The capacity of your jar plays an important role especially when you have a party or a get-together at your home; you want to prepare a banana shake, smoothies and margaritas for them. A full-size blender might help in such conditions. However, If you want to prepare for a few people then a mini blender or a small blender will do your work. 

Capacity is generally measured in ounces and 60 and 72 ounces. 

A big container allows you to make smoothies and other things in one go rather than in batches. Juicer Blenders with 24 ounces or nearby capacity are handy and good to go. They are travel-friendly and can be easily set up in the car cabinet. Just grind and drink from the cup directly saving your time from pouring to a different utensil and washing them.


Good quality material is something we all demand in our product especially in whatever we buy. A compatible material of a blender jar makes it to withstand high and cold temperatures of the ingredients. Good quality blenders come with potency jars which are break and shockproof and don’t even shatter even if you drop the jar.

Two types of material are generally used. One is plastic and another one is glass. Glass jars look classy and attractive but are a little expensive and heavy. Whereas plastic jars are lightweight and less costly. You can anytime go for a durable, shatterproof plastic jar.


The main engine of any blender is its motor. The capacity and quality of a motor directly impact the working of the blender. If the power of the blender is low you will find lumps in your final result and it may take a long time to get that smooth consistency.

A good power blender with good blades will give you better results. Stating further if you add hard substances like ice or frozen fruits into it then a low power blender may blow up. Power of a blender depends from blender to blender. Blenders with a wattage of 500 to 1000 are good to go.

Blenders with this much power can blend frozen foods easily within seconds too with a smooth consistency. Combination of a good blade and motor makes your blender a powerhouse.


Price of a blender ranges from low to high. There are many Best blenders under 100 $ which are perfect in quality, are long-running and come with a warranty. With many decent options available in the market, an affordable blender is good for any small occasion.

A low price blender may come with a less powerful motor. Increase in the wattage of blender leads to an increase in the price. More the power, the higher its price. Manufactures also extra price for the extra warranty they give on the appliance.


A manufacturer who gives warranty on its products has already won half of the battle. It is very important that the product you are buying should come under warranty. Manufacturers generally provide 1 year to 10 years of warranty, some may provide more than this. 

Pay a little attention to the details of the product; check whether the warranty covers the motor or replacement fees. By giving extra pennies you can also increase the warranty of products which is not a bad deal.


Cleaning of a blender can be a risky task because of the sharp blades in it. Some blenders are dishwasher safe and some need to be cleaned by hands. Use of brush would be good to clean hard to reach areas and blades. 


For cleaning, you can also add hot soapy water and turn it on. In this way, you can rinse out the leftover ingredients. It would be better if you go for a dishwasher safe blender. There is no doubt in the fact that cleaning does lead to a long life of the appliance.


Length of the cord depends from blender to blender. Some manufacturers provide long cord, some go for a short cord. A long cord comes with the benefit of using it anywhere far from the plug point. Some people have space issues in their kitchen so a long cord would be really helpful for them.

Some companies provide cordless blenders also which run on battery but they are not good for the long run. Go for the one with a medium cord because a long cord may break in between.

After reviewing a plethora of Blender, We have picked out the 5 best and convenient machines for you.

1. Ninja personal Blender 16-Ounce Cups

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Our Choice

  • Ninja Pulse Technology
  • Moderately priced
  • Powerful motor

Ninja Personal Blender is a nutritious food-making blender with a capacity of 16 ounces and comes in handy when you want to take the cup in the car or want to have the shake just after blending, take them on a go, perfect for an active lifestyle.

Its pulse technology allows it to grind ice and frozen fruits and margarita type thick consistency. 

Portable cups can be used for storing in the refrigerator or directly consuming the shakes. It is the Best portable blender which comes with a compact size which makes it easy for its owner to store it in a small space.

We have also listed this blender as the best blender for milkshakes



Cups and Plates are dishwasher safe


Powerful motor


Travel-friendly cups


Nutrient & vitamin extraction


Frozen blending



Only for personal or 2 people


1. Voltage110V
2. Power700 watts
3. Weight4.63 pounds
4. Item Dimensions9.45 x 5.91 x 13.7 inches
5. MaterialPlastic
6. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
7. Capacity16 Ounce
8. Color Black

2. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Our Choice

  • Brilliant sharp blades
  • The large size of Jar
  • Easy Cleaning

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is a 72-ounce blender, having a thriving quality of making large batches of smoothie drinks and creams. From whirling of bananas to crushing of frozen foods, the blade of this blender prepares your dish in seconds. 

Compared to other blenders it’s 6 blades assembly allows the ingredients to blend smoother and consistent. The top lock feature with no opening on pitcher base leads to no falling of residue on the base. Among the Ninja blenders, it is the Best ninja blender available.

Numerous speed options allow you to blend ingredients at various speeds according to the consistency you need. Containers of this blender are preferable compared to other blenders if handled with care. The motor might heat up if used for long hours. 



Crushes ice and frozen foods


Removal blades


Top lock feature allows running the blender hands-free


Large capacity of the jar



Cord too short


1. Power1000 watts
2. Weight7.1 pounds
3. Item Dimensions9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches
4. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
5. Capacity72 ounce
6. ColorBlack

3. Muller Austria Ultra Stick Hand Blender

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Honorable Mention

  • Good blending power
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

Muller Austria Ultra Stick is a multipurpose hand blender, great for making treats like salsa, smoothies, cheese sauce, batter, whipped cream and chopping. The blender comes with heavy-duty copper motor brushed stainless steel with a whisk, milk frother attachments.

Its exceptional quality makes it withstand continuous use and removable bleeding arms with fixed blade locks makes it more versatile. It's simple design makes it easy for the user to wash and clean it. Within 10 seconds your yummy shake would be ready.

This blender is perfect for a family function or dinner. From blending of frozen food to hot soups this blender is perfect for every dining.



High motor power


Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


Compact structure


Affordable Blender



Blender is little bit tall


1. Voltage110V
2. Power500 watts
3. Weight 2 pounds
4. Item Dimensions15 x 5 x 3 inches
5. MaterialStainless Steel
6. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
7. Capacity According to you bowl or cup
8. ColorSilver

4. Magic Bullet Blender 11 Piece Set

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Under Budget

  • Convenient flip-top go lid
  • Unique bullet shape
  • Good speed and versatility

Magic bullet blender is the Best budget blender which is a single twist of wrist blends, chops, grinds the ingredients. It comes handy and durable which can help you create your favourite meal and snacks. If you want to go for frozen or tough ingredients ten this motor would not last long. 

It is the best personal blender as it is good for making smoothies and shakes. It is easy to operate the press down function. Cleaning up this magic Bullet is super easy and due to its compact size, it can be stored in any place. 

Adding to this push and activate feature makes it comfortable to use. Mugs and cups with this blender are freezer and microwave safe. 



Affordable and value for money


Dishwasher safe


Easy to use and cleanup


Handy for making smoothies


11 piece blender



Not for large family


1. Voltage120V
2. Power250 watts
3. Weight4.25 Pounds
4. Item Dimensions4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches
5. MaterialPlastic
6. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
7. Capacity12 piece blender
8. ColorSilver

5. Nutri Bullet Nutrient Extractor NBR-0601

  • Our Rating 81% 81%

Most Durable

  • Attractive, simple and sleek design
  • BPA free blending cups
  • Nutrient extractor blade

Nutri Bullet Nutrient Blender Extractor is a small blender having capacity up to 24 ounces. A small blender works great for a small family. 600-watt blades work very fast giving you smooth consistency.

It comes with a hassle-free cleaning, just rinse with soap and water. 

Extractor blade made up of stainless steel uses cyclonic action to break down the hard ingredients. It is a compact yet powerful or in short a portable blender to buy. It is easy to handle and design fits easily in the kitchen cabinet.

Blending in this blender gives you precise smoothness and texture. It also quite falls in the best cheap blender and best blender under 100 $ category. 



Hassle-free cleaning


Intuitive Design, good for everyday use


Low noise level


Nutrient Extractor



Cups are little bit small


1. Voltage120V
2. Power600 watts
3. Weight5.88 pounds
4. Item Dimensions11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches
5. MaterialPlastic
6. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
7. Capacity24 oz
8. ColorGrey


Today in this world there is no kitchen left where there is no blender. Whether it is small or big, it has become an important part of the kitchen family. Blender adds a quick and easy way to cook and eat healthily.

Go for a blender that suits your pocket and kitchen and fulfills the criterion for motor, power, blades, function, speed, and capacity. Compare everything and then buy the best beast for your kitchen.

According to us, Ninja personal Blender 16-Ounce Cups might be a good choice because it is the best blender under 100 $ and most affordable among all the blenders reviewed above. Its powerful motor can blend frozen foods and ice. By spending a little amount you can get a powerhouse in your kitchen. From hot to cold its jar can handle every temperature.


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