5 Best Electric Hot Pot Cooker 2022 (Review & Expert Guide)

by | Feb 28, 2021

An aromatic soup or dish kept at the centre of a dining table not only increases the appetite of the people but also the ultimate dining experience. Best electric hot pot cooker serves this purpose.

Hot pot is also known as soup food or steamboat which has its origin from China. It is very popular during the winter season as all friends and family members can sit around the table and enjoy the hot meal together. 

Variety of dishes can be prepared in a hot pot in the thin-sliced form of meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, vermicelli, beans, eggs, seafood, tofu etc. It gives value to your food plus it adds attraction to the table.

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What is the best electric hot pot cooker?

Buying a hot pot is a big deal. You have to consider a lot of things before buying a hot pot. Cooking can be great fun and doing it in the right cooker adds value to the dish.

The answer to the above question lies here that the hot pot cooker which satisfies all the points given below is the best hotpot cooker. Take a look at the points listed below before making a decision.


Longer life of any material depends upon the product used in making it. If we talk about a hot pot cooker, it comes in various materials like non-stick coated, stainless steel and ceramic.

Non-stick cookware is easy to clean and handle. It requires less oil to cook food and it does not stick at the bottom. Non-stick hot pots are made up of Teflon, which is a chemical compound, if you want to avoid chemical coated cookware then you can go for stainless steel cookware.

They are more durable and long-lasting compared to the non-stick one. But the drawback is that the food does stick at the bottom. You need to remain careful while cleaning it.

Ceramic hot pots are in use for a very long time. Their main property is that they heat slowly and retain it till you have your meal. It does not corrode and rust leading to the long life of the cookware. You have to use wooden spatulas in these hotpots as you can’t be harsh with them.


There is a wide variety of hot pot cookware sets available in the market under different price ranges. Go for the one which is good plus it should be pocket friendly. But for a better cooktop, investing a little more would not be a bad deal.

Better hotpots are available at an affordable range with good power, material and features. Go for every detail of the appliance, its durability, versatility etc.


Before buying hot pot cookware ask a question to yourself whether you want to buy it for your home or restaurant, for a less number of people or more people. A smaller unit will work if you want to make a meal for one or two. But if you have a large family which enjoys hot pot dinner then buying the one with a larger capacity would be a good option.

Mini portable cute hot pots are available in the market which is good for individuals and couples. Just sit around the dining area and get served directly there from the hotpot kept in between the table.


The shape of a pot allows you to cook different foods at the same time. Generally, hotpot cookware comes in two shapes of pot shape and split shape.

Pot shapes are the one with only one vessel in which only one dish like sauce, soup can be made with a variety of ingredients poured into it. Pot shaped ones are wide and shallow enough to prepare meals for large gatherings, great for a small house party. This shape heats the food evenly.

A Split pot gives you the convenience of cooking two types of meal at the same time. This multifunctional top makes it easy for the cook to make two recipes of different flavours for two different kinds of people. Make sure the divider is properly sealed in order to avoid any kind of leakage.



Two categories of hot pot cooker are generally sold in the market, they are electric hot pot cooker and another one is electric hot pot cooker. Traditionally non-electric hot pot cookers are in use with a hot plate at the bottom. They are easy to wash as the upper part is easily removable. 

Non-electric hot pot cookers are modern-day cookers that are mess-free and less time-consuming. It works best when you want to keep in the middle of the dining table while having your meal.

It will keep the food warm and soup hot with its different heat settings. You can buy the best electric hot pot cooker whose pot portion is removable for easy washing. 

Electric cookware is in trend these days as they are cost-effective and time-saving. They are a little expensive compared to non-electric ones. Electric ones are handy cookware that can be used to prepare other dishes and good enough to regulate and retain the heat. 

After reviewing 28 cookers , Here are top 5 Best Electric Hot Pot Cooker

1. Sonya Shabhu Shabu Electric Hot Pot

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Our Choice

  • Faster Heating
  • Removable cooking pots
  • Split Structure

Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is an electric Mongolian hot pot with a large capacity, perfect for a big family or a get-together. This cooktop comes with heat-resistant handles. The pot heats up itself very fast and is consistent too. 

It has two separate sections that mean you can enjoy two meals at the same time. This feature makes it multipurpose cookware. The divider is leakproof but you can check the leakage by first adding the water. 

It is possible to have two flavored broths at the same time. Also, it is good for quick cooking of meat and seafood. It comes with a glass lid through which can see whether the food is cooked or not and it also keeps the food warm.



Large serving capacity


Faster heating


Cool-touch handles


Non-skid feet- extra stability


Easy Temperature control


Stainless steel material- durable



Its price is quite expensive but premium quality.


1. Voltage120V
2. Power1500 watt
3. Item Dimensions14.4 x 8.8 x 14.7 inches
4. Weight8.2 pounds
5. Capacity5.3 Quart/5.0 L
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorSilver

2. City ST the Original Shabhu Shabhu Hot Pot

  • Our Rating 93% 93%

Most Durable

  • Comes with a BBQ Grill
  • Heats up easily
  • Removable inner pot and BBQ Grill

City ST Shabu Sjabu Hot Pot comes with a BBQ Grill which is a blessing as you can grill on the top and cook your vegetables and meat in the lower section which makes it multipurpose and time-saving cookware. You can try anything from shrimp, pork to a lot of vegetables.

Cleaning up is very easy because of the non-stick material of BBQ. Steamboat and BBQ separately temperature is monitored separately by two switches which means at the same time you can enjoy the soup and grilled dish. 

It kind of provides work of two appliances in single cookware. Handles are made up of anti-hot Bakelite to protect the user from getting burned. Its compact design makes it easy for the user to use, clean and store.

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Sleek design for stability


Removable pot


Two switch control for Steamboat & BBQ grill


Three handles for comfortable cooking


Shiny and smooth lid included in the package



Little high on price


1. Item Dimensions 13.74 x 13.62 x 8.35 inches
2. Weight9.02 pounds
3. Capacity4.2L
4. CapacityStainless Steel
5. ColorSilver

3. Stariver Electric Hot Pot 1.8L

  • Our Rating 92% 92%

Honorable Mention

  • Double Wall Construction
  • Compact Design
  • Stay ready to eat temperature

Stariver Electric Pot is a multi-functional mini hot pot that is perfect for cooking noodles, soup, porridge, dumplings, etc. It comes with the function of keeping your food warm and also comes with overheating and boil-dry protection.

It is the Best hot pot sf which is a perfect appliance for a couple, student, small family and office staff. It not only works perfectly but also adds beauty to the kitchen with its distinctive Diamond Pattern Design.

A separate heating base makes it easy for the user to clean and lift the pot. The most desirable element of this hot pot is that it can be taken on camping, parties, office, and even while traveling.

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304 grade of stainless steel- durable


Cool-touch handles


Easy to clean


Keeps food warm


Knob controls- extremely easy to use



Only for small family


1. Voltage110V
2. Power600 watt
3. Item Dimensions7.8 x 7.8 x 6.8 inches
4. Weight2.94 pounds
5. Capacity1.8L
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorGreen and White

4. Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Most Affordable

  • Dual Power Supply
  • Overheating Protection
  • Boil Dry Protection

This mini hotpot is a multifunctional cooker that can be used for preparing noodles, egg, soup, steam and stew. With stainless steel in the interior and cool touch in the exterior makes it easy for the user to use it. 

If you search for the Best hot pot near me, you will find this hot pot as the top option. Its Dual power supply makes it stand out of the crowd; you can adjust the power at 200 watts and 600 watts depending upon the need. It has been symbolized as a convenient product by most of the users.

Its overheating protection saves the food from getting burnt or overcooked and boiling dry protection saves it from getting dried quickly. Due to its small size and lightweight property, it can be carried to other places easily.

If you are looking for a hot pot that is budget-friendly and good enough for a small family then we suggest you go for Topwit Hot Pot mini.

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Comfortable grip


Boil-dry protection- food doesn't dry up


360-degree Rotating base


Multipurpose cooking cooker


Steel based cool-touch protection



Lacks whistles and bells


1. Voltage110V
2. Power600 watt
3. Item Dimensions5.8 x 5.2 x 8.8 inches
4. Weight2.49 pounds
5. Capacity1.2L
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorGreen and White

5. Dezin Electric Hot pot

  • Our Rating 85% 85%

Most Compact

  • Dual Power Supply
  • Light Weight
  • Overheating and boil dry protection

A cute little mini hotpot named Dezin Electric Hot Pot is perfect for making egg, ramen, pasta, soup, porridge and dumpling. It can be the first cookware appliance for kids of the house as cooking in this hotpot is safe and convenient, a gift that everyone would love.

Perfect for a get together with friends and family; Impress everyone with cooking with the help of Dezin Electric hotpot. There is a transparent lid that comes along the whole package. It makes it easy to cook while not having to keep lifting the lid to see if the food has cooked or not.

A dual power supply makes it convenient for the user to cook their food on either 200 watts or 600 watts depending upon the need. In addition, there is a keep-warm function available. Using the same food’s temperature can be set anything between 75-80 degrees. This makes sure that the food remains warm to eat.

However, we also feel that this product might not be the best option to have around big families.





Light LightWeight


Compact size- best for dorm rooms, smaller meal preparation


Stainless steel’s dual-wall construction


The keep-warm function keeps food warm



Not the best choice for large families


1. Voltage110V
2. Power600 watt
3. Item Dimensions8.3 x 6 x 7 inches
4. Weight2.64 pounds
5. Capacity1.6L
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorPink


Hot Pot cookers have become an important member of the kitchen family. Winters are the best time to enjoy the hotpot meals. From small dining at home to parties, a hotpot cooker is the main attraction of the dining table. Due to its multi-functional property, it has stolen the hearts of many cooking and food lovers.

All the hotpot cookers reviewed above are good in their own way. It depends upon you which cookware suits your needs and pocket.

According to us, Sonya Shabu Shabu Electric Hot Pot is the star performer among all the cookware mentioned above. Its high safety and cool-touch handles allow anyone in the house to use it. Adding to this it is easy to clean, convenient and durable. It is your best travel partner. Also, it is one of the best hot pot in nyc.

Whatever you buy should decrease your stress and the time that you spend in the kitchen.

Happy Cooking!


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