5 Best Electric Wok Reviews in 2022 (The Complete Guide)

by | Feb 24, 2021

There is a long list of best electric woks reviews which are available in the market. But there are huge differences in every product and its features.

We have tried to take you on a journey of learning almost everything about the wok, its much-required features and the best versions in the article below.

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Why buy a wok?

Woks are used to make cooking easy and interesting. Many people believe that professional wok is used to cook just Chinese food. 

However, most Asian foods and other country cuisines can make use of a wok. Many people find it an interesting option to steam veggies. 

A wok can be used in several different ways to cook

It can be a deep fryer, boiler, smoker, Food steamer and a hot plate. 

It is a wok that distributes the heat evenly owing it to its concave shape. This also means that less oil is required to make the final dish. 

It is easy to toss your food correctly without getting any food material out of the wok due to the sloped sides that it has.

An Electric wok vs. a traditional wok

Electric cookware is the need of the hour. The portability, convenient and easy usage nature of the same makes it great cookware. 

  • A traditional wok is used above a flame burner whereas an electric one saves on the gas consumption.
  • An electric wok can be placed anywhere in a small spaced environment. But a traditional one requires a fix position most of the time.
  • An electric one might be used in more than one possible way. It fulfils the duties of a hot plate too which is impossible to do when using a traditional wok.
  • A traditional version takes time to heat up but it is an electric one which quickly gets eaten up.
  • An electric one is easy to clean but traditional wok takes time to clean up.

Which kind of wok is best for you?


There are several types which exist in the market. Aluminium, copper, iron wok and stainless steel are preferred choices in a wok. Each of the wok material comes with its own pros and cons. 

Some woks come in stainless steel material option which makes them durable. The carbon ones provide quick even heating. Cast woks are lightweight and it becomes easy to toss food in them.

There are non-stick woks which are quite popular in the market now. No need to season before using and requires less oil.

Size and temperature control of the wok

Some of the woks have more depth than the other ones. It might be a great option to have as a professional wok.

With an electric wok, you get to have the temperature settings in your hand. It is possible to set a particular temperature throughout your cooking.



Generally, a wok has two loop handles. It is not easy to lift a wok using one handle only while two handles make the job easy. 

In addition to the number of handles, the material used is also important. The best wok comes with heat-resistant handle material. Some versions of wok don’t support heat-resistant handles and turn it difficult to toss while cooking or pick it soon after cooking.

Precautions and daily care

It is quite important to season the wok, especially for the first time. This helps to coat the wok with a layer of oil also, takes out the extra preservative oil that the manufacturers use.

The right way to do it is to quickly wash the wok with mild soapy water. Dry the wok using a towel or tissue and then transfer it to the electric or gas stove. 

Upon reaching the heat, the wok will start to turn brown in colour and smoky vapours will come out of it. This is an indicator that the residual oils are burning off. Move the wok to get it to heat up from all the sides. 

Turn the stove off once you see all the sides are well hot and have changed its colour a little at least. Now, pour some cold water and scrub the wok followed by a rinse with clean water.

In case you spot any dark spots, this shouldn’t worry you as they are the just mark of impurities which are quite normal to encounter.

The wok after getting dried off should be placed back on medium heat. Add some oil to it and with a tissue make sure the oil covers the wok completely. This will prevent any sort of rusting.

Here is the list of 5 Best Electric Wok are available in the market.

1. Aroma housewares professional electric wok (5Qt)

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Our Choice

  • Satisfactory everyday performance
  • Durable nonstick coating
  • Steam rack available

It is a multi-purpose wok with the option to steam, braise and deep cook.

This electric wok comes with a traditional look and heating owing to its metal design. Also, there is a non-stick coating which makes cooking easier. With the non-stick design, the need to use oil reduces resulting in healthy food.

We experienced that the wok's temperature control is excellent and exciting too. It comes with dishwasher safe material. The base is detachable as add on better cleaning and storage option.

Along with the wok, the chopsticks, steam rack and large glass dim come to make it a whole thing. Glass dome lid has adjustable steam vents which allow maximum control. Also, provides a way to keep a check on the food without having to lift the lid up.

The handles are heat-resistant. Even after cooking on high heat, they remained cool to touch.


Aroma housewares 5QT professional electric wok comes with a one year warranty. In case of damage to the product, it can be replaced.



Detachable base


Spacious capacity (5-quart)


Heat retention along with even heat-up


Amazing temperature control


Includes steam rack and chopsticks



Exposure to metallic impact may lead to non-stick coating’s peel off


1. Voltage 120V
2. Power1400Watt
3. Dimensions8” x 15.5” x 14.2”
4. Weight8.4 lbs
5. MaterialMetal
6. Capacity5Quart
7. ColorBlack

2. Breville BEW600XL

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Overall Best Pick

  • Satisfactory everyday performance
  • Stainless steel base
  • Asian style gas cooking

It is a family-size capacity wok. The diameter is 14". The temperature control probe is removable. This means that the wok can directly be put in the dishwasher.

The stainless steel base ensures that the heat is well absorbed for even and quick cooking. It is also because of the aluminium layer on it which seals the vapors too. 

The butterfly heating elements bring up to 425°F or heat. It helps to bring the heat up the wok bowl's wall which is similar to a traditional wok.

Breville comes with a broad shape creating space to cook for a whole family. Owing to this feature it is best to use it in parties for a less worrisome experience. 

The glass wall comes with steam regulating vent which maintains a decent amount of vapour inside the wok. In case of using the wok as a heating pot, for slow cooking or just to boil, these vents ensure minimum heat loss from the inside.

A most interesting feature is the removable system. With a single touch on the slide bar, the wok disassembles and can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.



Stainless steel base


15 Precision heating settings


Holds family size capacity


Removable temperature control


Easy to clean



Use of abrasive cleaners may tear off the non-stick coating


1. Voltage120V
2. Power1500Watt
3. Dimensions5.6 x 5.3 x 6.6 inches
4. Weight12.54 pounds
5. MaterialStainless Steel
6. Capacity6Quart
7. ColorSilver

3. VonShef 7.4Qt Electric Wok

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Honourable Mention

  • Satisfactory everyday performance
  • Large space to cook
  • Nonstick coating

Vonshef brand’s 7.4Qt electric wok comes as an option to serve family large portion meals. It offers a nice space to cook delicious dishes. This 14-inch diameter wok has an advanced coating that doesn’t let the food stick on the pan. 

We loved how the temperature controls are kept simple yet powerful. There are 4 heat settings which start from warm with a temperature of 176°F goes to high with a temperature of 446°F.

In between the warm and high heat settings, low and medium settings are also available. The low one is functioning at 302°F while the medium at 374°F. 

It is a flat bottom pan having high sides which takes away the traditional wok feel from it. But the sides get heat up nicely. This version doesn’t support dishwasher cleaning but because of the non-stick coating, it is easy to clean.

We recommend you to go easy on cleaning and use non-abrasive soap while avoiding steel or iron bars to clean.

We have also reviewed Electric Hot Pot



Can serve as large portion cooking option


Non-stick coating


4 heat settings


Rotary dial control- easy to use


Cool touch silicone handles



Not dishwasher friendly


1. Voltage120V
2. Power1500Watt
3. Dimensions16 x 16 x 9 inches
4. Weight9.28 pounds
5. MaterialAluminium
6. Capacity7.4Quart
7. ColorBlack

4. Oster 2124087 Diamond Force Electric Wok

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Under Budget

  • Large capacity
  • Easy clean-up
  • Longest lasting nonstick

It is a long-lasting product which can be used to cook food using different techniques. The price of this particular version falls right in the category of budget-friendly.

An amazing feature is the structured matrix cooking surface. It is infused to bring strength to its coating with diamond particles. This adds on to its performance and durability for a long time. 

It is absolutely safe to put the dishwasher for cleaning using a dishwasher. However, we still suggest you go easy on the abrasive soap usage if possible kindly avoid. 

Oster 2124087 version comes with a safe lid and top rack. Also, the base has a handle to bring in an extra grip. The loading capacity of the product is nice.





Structured matrix for a stronger coating


Dishwasher safe


Improved loading capacity


Better safety features



Might not be a good choice for large families


1. Voltage120V
2. Power-
3. Dimensions15 x 14.88 x 6.73 inches
4. Weight7.33 pounds
5. MaterialAluminium
6. Capacity4.7Quart
7. ColorBlack

5. Brentwood Appliances SK-69BK 13-Inch

  • Our Rating 75% 75%

New Product

  • Satisfactory everyday performance
  • Flat form bottom
  • 24-cup liquid capacity

Brentwood’s SK-69-BK is a 13-inch electric wok skillet. It has a wide flat bottom of 9-inch which brings about the right even heating. The temperature controls are easy to manage. They start at 195°F and goes to 450°F.

Its thermostat is removable to bring about ease in cleaning. The handles come with heat-resistant cool touch material. 

We liked the tempered glass lid for the circulation of food vapours. The feet are non-slid rubber adding additional grip. As it is flat-bottom it doesn’t bring the traditional look and might not serve how a traditional one serves.

It is more of an electric skillet than a wok. However, we still believe its heat setting is remarkable and can bring out a similar result as that of a traditional wok.



Removable thermostat


Adjustable temperature range


A wide flat bottom


Non-slid rubber feet


Lightweight and Portable



Flat-bottom takes the traditional and functioning away


1. Temperature195ºF to 450ºF
2. Power1400Watt
3. Dimensions23.39 x 15.67 x 10.51 inches
4. Weight6.7 pounds
5. MaterialAluminium
6. Capacity24-cup water
7. ColorBlack


An amazing wok can be many things from being a food cooking utensil to a steamer or a boiler, steamer. There are several tempting options you may encounter while buying a wok. But it is important to know your needs before making a purchase.

The durability of a wok is most important to consider while the size and its capacity depend on personal preferences. If you want to use a dishwasher to clean the wok after using it, looking for a dishwasher-safe version is important.

Aroma housewares professional electric wok (5Qt) is our choice for several reasons. We enjoyed how the features are well thought and put together. It is a traditional looking wok with modern features.

The high heat settings with even heating and heat-retaining option are nice. Also, the heat-resistant handle keeps the safety up always. 

This is a kind of product which tick marks all the essentials of a wok for every occasion like your daily routine or a happening party full of guests. It can be used in the safest possible way while the outcome is delicious to enjoy.

We mentioned above about everything that might put a positive effect on your purchase by following our best electric wok reviews. Hope we did justice in bringing out key features, pros and cons of the products.


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