5 Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 of 2022

by | Feb 28, 2021

You’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal with an espresso machine? Honestly, It is perfect for you. Whether you’re a serious coffee lover or an experienced barista, the presence of the best espresso machine under 1000 is a must. 

Caffeine aficionados usually look for the best machines that produce decent and high-quality coffee.

It is perfect for your cravings as well as for the development of your barista skills. Moreover, it is convenient and saves your time and labor.

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How Long will an Espresso Machine Last? 

Mostly it depends on the brand, complexity, type, and frequency of use. On average, an espresso machine usually lasts between 5-15 years. 

Generally, automatic espresso machines last longer than hard caps and semi-automatic types.

Besides, other factors decide the longevity or lifespan of the machine.

Regardless of the brand or type of your machine, if you want to maximize its longevity, maintain cleanliness after every use and proper routine maintenance. 

Is a Home Espresso Machine Worth it? 

Definitely! A big yes. Owning an espresso machine can help in multiple ways. It saves money and offers convenience.

You don’t need to leave your house to get a special coffee or classic rich espresso. 

Several espresso machines allow you to whip up latte and cappuccino, making the machine versatile that can brew multiple cups of coffee according to the preference.

Produce faster and efficient results. 

Where to Buy an Espresso Machine?

Nowadays, espresso machines are quite popular. A user can opt for online purchases as well as offline purchases. 

However, we prefer online purchases over offline as it may cost you more pennies. For offline purchases, one has to pay the price set by vendors.

While online shopping, you will get the machine directly from the wholesalers at an affordable price.

Besides, online websites offer discounts and sometimes freebies also. 

What Should You Look for When Buying an Espresso Machine?

Type of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines have an interesting history, it went through a plethora of innovations before making them to the modern form which we see today. Espresso machines are of three types:-

#1 Semi-Automatic

In this machine, a user needs to use a button to start the pouring process and even decides when to stop it.

These machines require traditional grinding or tamping of beans. The machine allows you to pull several shots at a time.

#2 Fully-Automatic

Fully-automatic espresso machines eliminate the need for manual control through it’s automated brewing feature.

It controls the water that passes through the puck and halts the flow when the amount has filtered through.

This machine also required manual grinding and tamping like the ‘semi-automatic’.

#3 Super-Automatic

Unlike semi-automatic or fully-automatic, these machines do almost everything thus lessens your manual labor.

It has some extra features that make them more convenient. Most of them tamp and grind the bean.

Some have automatic steamers or milk frothers that add the diary element to the cup.


Before purchasing, you must know how much an espresso machine can work with malfunctioning.

A professionally decent espresso machine should be able to handle heavy work efficiently.

A small, inexpensive, or budget-friendly machine may overheat or break while using.

The machine may be able to endure heavy use or pressure. Look out if it has an external grinder or how many coffee beans it can hold.

Grinding Capacity

There are two types of grinders in espresso machines: a separate grinder or a built-in grinder.

Mostly expensive super-automatic machines have built-in grinders.

If you want to brew a plethora of cups at once, then make sure to get a grinder with a higher capacity.

Built-in grinders are more convenient than separate grinders. You should get according to your need and preference.

Water Storage

Most espresso machines can brew 8 cups at once. Some machines have water tanks with small filling spouts.

These machines need the usage of a funnel. A professional-grade machine allows connectivity to a water source.

But before purchase looks out for a pipe connection to accommodate it.

Frothing Capability

Super-automatic machines provide milk frothing and streamers. Brews classic espresso drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

If you want to brew this kind of espresso then make sure to get one for yourself.

Most espresso machines have frothers unless you go for a cheap or low-budget machine. Cheaper machines don’t have frothers.


Before purchase, you should think about the storage options. If you have small apartments, a kitchen, or a countertop, then go for moderate or lightweight espresso machines.

A large or heavy espresso machine could create problems for storage unless you have a big kitchen cabinet or countertop.

If you want espresso machine with perticular range you can read our blogs espresso machine under $100 and espresso machine under $300.

What are The Benefits of having a Personal Espresso Machine? 

  • It saves your penny from expensive espresso from the shops.
  • A home-brewed espresso is healthier, fresher, and flavorful. 
  • More sustainable. 
  • Amends your knowledge about coffee. 

How to Use an Espresso Machine?

  • Turn on and preheat your espresso machine. 
  • Grind your beans. 
  • Tamp your rough and uneven beans. 
  • Pull your first shot within 20-30 seconds. 
  • Steam your milk. Only if your machine has a milk steamer.

How to Clean an Espresso Machine? 

  • First, removed the portafilters attached to the group heads. 
  • Using a cleaning brush, brush the group heads to remove any stuck coffee particles. 
  • Remove the brewing and blind baskets from the portafilters. 
  • Clean the blind basket with an espresso machine cleaning powder. 
  • Insert the portafilters to the group heads. 
  • Allow water supply into the basket while brewing and switch it on for 10 seconds. 
  • Put the machine on rest for 3 seconds and again allow water to pass. 
  • Repeat four times. 
  • Remove the portafilters and wash away the solution.
  • Brush the heads again to clean any coffee particles left. 

After reviewing several espresso machines, we have picked out 5 Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 dollar. Hope this will help you to an extent.

1. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine BES870BSXL

  • Our Rating 99% 99%

Our Choice

  • Bestseller semi-automatic machine 
  • Volumetric Controls
  • Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

The machine has been perfectly designed for delivering a fresh and flavorful cup of espresso.

It comes with an Italian factory-made 15 bar pump. Also, the Thermo coil heating system automatically adjusts the water temperature after steam. 

In the world of coffee, everyone craves a fresh and healthy cup of espresso.

Usually, ground beans lose their flavor if you leave for more than five minutes. Grinding beans requires manual labor but delivers you an authentic and rich espresso.

However, this has a built-in grinder thus saves your time and manual labor. 

The machine comes with a water tank of 2L. Making a cup of espresso is an art and Breville Barista helps to create the art.

Comes with two single-wall, non-pressurized filters that allow experiment with tamping pressure, different grinds amount and sizes. 

A flat shower head and pre-brew function ensure proper distribution of water throughout the coffee puck.

Besides, it removes the excess water from the basket after coffee extraction. The machine has a removable drip tray.



High quality material


No-slip feet


Easy to clean


Super blending power


Convenient for heavy use



Not storage-friendly


1. Power1600 Watts
2. Product Dimensions13.25 x 12.5 x 15.75 Inches
3. Weight23 Pounds
4. MaterialStainless Steel
5. Pump Pressure15 Bar
6. Water Tank Capacity67 fl.oz / 2 liter
7. ColorBlack Sesame (1 Other Color Available)
8. Warranty1 Year

Final Verdict

It gives an authentic and classic taste to your espresso and saves your valuable time.

2. DeLonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machine ESAM3300

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Most Versatile

  • Durable 
  • Patented Cappuccino System
  • Charcoal water filter333

De’Longhi Super Automatic Espresso machine comes with a manual frother that steams milk to create an authentic, creamy and rich froth for smooth textured drinks.

Automatically brews each cup with the required temperature, density, and richness.

You can even customize the settings to get a cup of your preference and taste. 

The appliance is equipped with boilers that provide instant reheat and excellent heat distribution function.

The front panel offers easy access to the on/off switch. The patented cappuccino system allows any size of a milk container.

Plus! Accommodates cups ranging from a classic espresso cup to a tall mug. 

The machine has 3hr automatic shutoff feature.

It comes with a removable drip tray, 60-ounce removable water tank, electronic steam, a 7-ounce bean container, coffee thermostat, and a handy water-level indicator which ensure an easy cleanup process.

Has a built-in grinder and the user can reset the grinding level and speed. 

The appliance has a Direct-to-Brew system. Requires less time to clean after use. 



Coffee & Espresso Combo


Removal water reservoir 


User-Friendly interface


Easy to cleanup


Double boiler option for steaming and brewing



Produce little bit noise while processing 


1. Power1150 Watts
2. Product Dimensions11 x 15.3 x 14.4 Inches
3. Weight23.1 Pounds
4. MaterialStainless Steel
5. Pump Pressure15 Bar
6. Water Tank Capacity60 fl.oz / 1.7 liter
7. ColorSilver
8. Warranty2 Year

Final Verdict

This Espresso/Coffee combo pack great option for that person who want coffee and espresso in one machine.

3. Philips Espresso Machine 3200 Series

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Smart Choice

  • Intuitive touch display
  • 100% ceramic grinders
  • Aqua Clean filter

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is perfectly designed to deliver 5 aromatic coffees.

Whether you want a coffee, milk coffee, or an espresso, your espresso machine delivers an authentic and rich cup in less time. 

The model has a 12-step grinder adjustment that can turn your favorite bean ranging from coarse grinding to ultra-fine powder.

Grinders are 100% ceramic; hard and precise.

You can enjoy 20,000 cups of fresh and finest coffee. Furthermore, it has an aroma seal, keeping your beans fresh and healthy for a longer time. 

The AquaClean water filter efficiently cleans cups up to 5000. No need to descale your machine.

Besides, all the parts of the machine are dishwasher safe. The machine comes with a grease tube, measuring scoop,

AquaClean filter, water hardness test strip, and LatteGo storage lid. 

An intuitive touch display enables you to brew your favorite coffee and can adjust the quantity and strength of your drink.

The LatteGo milk system frothers the milk and air at a high speed, then adds a creamy and splash-free layer of milk to your cup. 



Sleek and stylish 


Programmable cup volumes


Quick and easy setup


Easy to clean


Automatic bean grinder



Expensive machine


1. Power1500 Watts
2. Product Dimensions20.08 x 19.84 x 12.44 Inches
3. Weight21.1 Pounds
4. MaterialStainless Steel & Plastic
5. Pump Pressure15 Bar
6. Water Tank Capacity60.8 fl.oz / 1.8 liter
7. ColorBlack
8. Warranty2 Year

Final Verdict

The machine is designed for everyday use and works efficiently without creating fuss and loss of time, it delivers you a fresh and classic espresso drink.

4. Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine BES878BSS

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Honorable Mention

  • Intuitive interface
  • Super blending power 
  • Innovative ThermoJet feature

The machine has high standard features that provide hassle-free results in no time! It comes with an LCD that has to grind and extract progress animations.

It provides the information to make your authentic cup of coffee.

The home automatic espresso machine has an integrated conical burr grinder with a dose controller that accurately delivers the ground amount needed for a flavourful cup. 

The innovative ThermoJet heating features enable a fast transition from espresso to steam in just 3 seconds.

The machine is ever ready to deliver you a fresh and finest drink in less time. It is greatly convenient for people with hectic schedules throughout the day. 

The 19-22 Grams dose and 54mm ports-filter is the key to get a rich quality of the drink.

Digital Temperature Control feature delivers water at a required temperature that ensures hassle-free espresso extraction.

The powerful steam wand enables smooth and microform milk texturing which enhances the flavor. 



Produce less noise


Easy cleanup


Better thermal coil


Strong heating system


LCD screen controls



No pressure gauge


1. Power1680 Watts
2. Product Dimensions13 x 12 x 13 Inches
3. Weight20 Pounds
4. MaterialStainless Steel
5. Pump Pressure
6. Water Tank Capacity67.6 fl.oz / 2 liter
7. ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
8. Warranty2 Year

Final Verdict

Breville Barista Pro is innovative as well as durable that just takes up to 3 seconds to brew your coffee without compromising the quality and flavor.

5. Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine with Grinder

  • Our Rating 93.5% 93.5%

Budget Friendly

  • 15-Bar Italian pump 
  • Dial interface 
  • Multiple pieces of equipment

Experience an authentic tasting homemade espresso that comes with a grinder and steam wand.

It has an Italian pump with 15 bars that ensures maximum flavor extraction by exerting the required pressure.

Integrated conical burr mill grinder has adjustable grinding speed up to 30 that ensures perfect grinding suitable to your preference.

The model has a dial interface for selecting steam or hot water. It has a single as well as double shot wall filter basket.

The machine has features like a PID temperature controller and thermoblock heating technology that delivers even heat for authentic tasting espresso.

Its gentle pre-infusion blooms the grounds for the perfect extraction.

58mm café-sized portafilter holds the maximum amount of grounds and ensures even water dispersion.

It has a 2.8L removable water reservoir. Also, it comes with multiple types of equipment including Stainless steel milk jug, cleaning pin, cleaning brush, tamper, and cleaning disc.

We have also reviewed best coffee makers of ther year.



Produce less noise


Easy cleanup 


Fast warmup


Thermoblock heating feature


Contains double pouring pots



Not programmable


1. Power1450 Watts
2. Product Dimensions15.6 x 14.5 x 17.3 Inches
3. Weight26.3 Pounds
4. MaterialStainless Steel
5. Pump Pressure15 Bar
6. Water Tank Capacity94.6 fl.oz / 2.8 liter
7. ColorStainless
8. Warranty3 Year

Final Verdict

It ensures you the full freedom to experience coffee making and delivers a 100% classic and flavorful espresso.


For many coffee lovers, the love or crave for an authentic drink starts from the cafés or local shops.

However, you can taste classic and rich espresso at home without wasting a single penny on cafés.

You just need to get an espresso machine that never fails to deliver the finest tasting espresso. Moreover, making cafés based drinks is like art, so you must experience creating art of your own. 

We personally like how the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine BES870BSXL  creates that rich and full-bodied taste to refresh your day.

It has PID which balances the temperature throughout the extraction process. Never fails to deliver a creamy and splash-free micro-foam texture through its low pressure and pre-infusion features. 

Nowadays, espresso machines are essential for every household. Moreover, enhances the look of your kitchens or coffee platforms.

So never miss out on the chance to upgrade your kitchen and experience to create a commendable art of your own. 

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