5 Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough & Mashed Potatoes 2022

by | Jan 19, 2021

Cakes, Pastries, Cookies are the first love of every child and even adults. But preparing dough can be a tedious task.

Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough can be your time saver which can make you the best baker of your family.

Earlier people used to mix the dough, make mashed potatoes with their hands.

But with the advancement of technology in kitchen appliances have made these works easy and time-saving.

Whether it is Christmas, Birthday party or a New Year, make the cake for your loved ones in one go.

Add a variety of dishes like bread, mashed potatoes, different flavours of cookies etc and become the star baker of the evening.

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What are the advantages of using a hand mixer?

Every kitchen appliance comes with its benefits and it depends on how you want to make the best use of the appliance.

  • Takes less space: A hand mixer takes very little counter space of the kitchen compared to other kitchen appliances. As it is a hand machine so while using it, only the bowl will take up space, not the appliance.
  • Brings perfect mixing experience: Hand mixers give you deep mixing as you can hold and move the appliance to your area of interest. The plus point is you can mix your ingredients in any container you want, there is no need to have a fixed utensil to do so.
  • Quick speed: Most of the hand mixers come with a quick burst button that mixes the ingredients quickly. From low to very high speed is a very common speed feature found in hand mixers.
  • Small size: Generally hand mixers come in small sizes and are handy to use. Don’t underestimate the small size as it can blend any of the food ingredients in one go.
  • Comes with different attachments: A major positive point of a hand mixer is that it comes with various attachments that can help in blending various food items be it tough or soft.

How to take care of your hand mixer?

For the long life of any kitchen appliance always make sure that the machine is cleaned after every use because if the batter gets dried up in the mixer then it will hamper the functionality of the mixer. 

Here are some points of interest which you can use to take care of the appliance.

  • If your batter is dried up in the mixer then it is better to soak it in warm, soapy water and simply wipe it up.
  • Make sure that water does not get into the motor cabinet as the motor may stop working due to electric failure.
  • Parts that are not dishwasher safe try cleaning them with a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Always handle the machine with care.

What makes a mixer the best Hand Mixer?

The best hand mixer for cookie dough is open which fulfil the criterion of good power, affordable price, ease of usage and cleaning etc.

Good mixing of batter leads to a fluffy and good cake and that leads to many smiling faces.

If you find a problem in buying a hand mixer then, Here is the solution.

We are going to list certain features of a hand mixer and according to that, we have listed the best hand mixer for cookie dough.

First, take a look at the features of a hand mixer.


As stated above hand mixers are affordable compared to stand mixers. Price of a product is influenced by the equipment installed in it like motors, material etc.

It is said that you always get what you pay for. But it is not true all of the time; a high price does not guarantee you a high-quality product.

Check the reviews and other features to know if it is actually worth the asking amount.

But on the contrary, Investing more in price might give you more attachments and more power.

We have also reviewed Affordable Stand Mixer


The power of any appliance plays a vital role in its working good power of an appliance leads to more durability of the product.

As an average, the power of the motor is between 200 to 400 watts.

More the power, fewer efforts you need to put in while mixing the recipe.

According to our research, 350 watt works great for people who use it at home for regular purposes.

Power should be strong enough to mix butter that is freshly taken out of the refrigerator.


Hand mixers are generally lightweight but too light hand mixers would not work properly.

680 gram would be an ideal weight choice of a hand mixer with or without attachments.

When you have to frost something for about 10 minutes, then a lightweight mixer is the one you pray for.

Don’t go for a very light mixer or a very heavy one. Go for an average lightweight mixer with a comfortable and secure grip which makes it easy to handle while mixing.


Nowadays storage of hand mixers has become an easy task.

Many mixers come with a clip-on base in which power cords and all the attachments are stored.

Some brands also give a storage case or a bag to keep everything in place.

Being a small appliance it requires very less storage space.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning electrical kitchen appliances, hand mixers stand first in the row.

They are dishwashers and warm water safe but do not forget to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning.

Take care that food and water should not enter the motor cabinet.


Good accessories and attachments with a mixer increase its flexibility and versatility.

Attachments include a dough hook, extra beater, whipped cream maker and a flat beater.

No doubt these all attachments increase the functionality of the appliance.

Before making your purchase, kindly go through the best hand mixer for cookie dough reviewed by us. Hope it will help you.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Our Choice

  • Bowl Rest Feature
  • Six speeds with Quick Burst Button
  • Handy Snap-on Storage Case

Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer is a go-to appliance with six speeds feature which makes it easy for the user to change the speed from very slow to very fast.

For making light shakes to mix the cake batter, it can do anything without spilling it here and there. 

This model comes with a Quick burst feature which boosts the speed with a single control.

Versatile attachments are also included which makes it possible to rest the mixer attachments over the bowl.

Adding to this it is also voted as one of the Best Electric Hand Mixer.



Less messy splatters


Your Title Goes HereLow noise level


Versatile and Durable attachments


Quick Burst feature


Easy to store



Lowest speed option is litle bit fast


1. Voltage120V
2. Power250 Watts
3. Product Dimensions8.3 x 5.7 x 9.2 Inches
4. Weight2.74 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. Number of Speeds6
7. ColorWhite
8. Warranty1 Year


2. Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Smart Choice

  • 3 Speed Hand Mixer
  • Slim Design
  • Light and Powerful

Its 3-speed setting allows you to make cookies, cake batter, and whip egg white at low, normal and high speed.

With 1-year manufacturer warranty and slim storage makes it an essential part of the kitchen.

There is no worry about losing the handle, its clever storage beaters snap into the handle.

It’s lightweight, the compact design permits to take it anywhere and use it.

According to us, if your friend or a relative is getting married and you are thinking of giving a gift that is both food and useful, then this is the one.

Your friend would love to have it. It definitely makes it’s way up in the top slot list of the Best Hand Mixer 2021



High-speed controls


Seamless ejection- easy installation


Compact and Portable


Comes with nice accessories


Dishwasher safe



Attachment ejections are a little difficult


1. Power150 Watts
2. Product Dimensions8.3 x 5.7 x 9.2 Inches
3. Weight2.38 Pounds
4. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
5. Number of Speeds3
6. ColorAqua
7. Warranty1 Year

3. Kitchen Aid Ultra Power Hand Mixer

  • Our Rating 91% 91%

Most Durable

  • 5 Speed Ultra Power
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Beater
  • Accessories and Lockable Swivel Cord

This model comes with a 5-speed ultra power that mixes all the ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips very well.

With a single press button, it gets easy and quick to remove accessories from the mixer.

Adding to this its stainless steel Turbo Beater II Accessories hold the ingredients very well such that it does not spill on the surface.

For mixing up the cookie and cake dough, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, it is the best stand mixer for bread dough and ranks as Best hand mixer for mashed potatoes.



Soft grip handle


Ejection button for the beater


Additional stainless steel beater


Ultra power speed


Good for making dense dough



Beaters need to be handled with care at high speed


1. Voltage120V
2. Power250 Watts
3. Product Dimensions8 x 3.5 x 6 Inches
4. Weight2 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. Number of Speeds5
7. ColorGreen Apple
8. Warranty1 Year

4. Cusinaid Electric Hand Mixer

  • Our Rating 91% 91%

Value for Money

  • 5 Speed Hand mixer and ultra turbo button
  • Stainless Steel Surface
  • Snap on Storage Care

Cusinaid is an electric turbo handheld kitchen mixer which comes with beaters, dough hooks and storage care.

It has 5 ultra power variable speeds for jam, puddings, cake mixes, milkshakes, bread batter, egg white cream etc.

Its one-button eject design makes it easy to dismantle and clean.

The wider stainless steel dual beater makes no noise and has temperature resistance.

Its multiple advantages and quality have made it rank here in the Best Hand Mixer reviews list.



Sturdy and sleek


Convenient and easy to use


Budget friendly


Long cord for better accessibility to the outlet


Picks speed quickly



Carefully control the speed


A little heavy


1. Voltage120V
2. Power250 Watts
3. Product Dimensions8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9 Inches
4. Weight3.14 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. Number of Speeds5
7. ColorWhite
8. Warranty1 Year

5. Wepsen Electric Hand Mixer

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Combo Pack

  • 5-speed hand mixer
  • Comes with measuring set and mixing bowls
  • Stable on the desktop while using

Wepsen Electric Hand Mixer is one of the Best hand Mixer which comes with various attachments. 

Its attachments include 6 nesting stainless steel mixing bowls, 7 pieces measuring spoon set and 4 pieces measuring cups.

The 1 gear low speed stir the flour, butter and pudding, 2/3 medium speed stir jam and baby food, 4 medium-high speed makes milkshake, salsa, egg whites and 5 high speed is good for making mashed potatoes and whipped cream.

These qualities make it to appear in the list of the Best hand mixer for bread dough.



Dishwasher Safe


Easily removable attachments


Multi-functional accessories


Freezer safe material





The Machine needs to be handled with care


1. Voltage120V
2. Power150 Watts
3. Package Dimensions11 x 11 x 7 Inches
4. Weight5.04 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. Number of Speeds5
7. ColorWhite
8. WarrantyNot Mention


So, you can’t boggle on the aspect that hand mixers have become an essential part of the kitchen.

There is almost no recipe left in which you don’t require a hand mixer. From Christmas cookies to anniversary cakes everything is easy to bake when you have a spanking hand mixer with you.

There are a wide variety of hand mixers available in the market. We have reviewed 5 Best hand mixer for cookie dough.

According to us, Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer is the best choice which comes with a combination of durability, affordability, and storage.

Easily removable attachments make it easy for the user to clean them. By using this mixer you will get a mess-free experience.


When you are buying a mixer you are investing in both price and space.

Have a look at the recommended hand mixers and make the best purchase for your kitchen.

Happy Baking!


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