5 Best Mini Donut Maker Machine in 2022 (Complete Guide)

by | Nov 26, 2020

Donuts are that one thing which is liked by almost everyone. Anytime every time calls for a sweet treat, it doesn’t have to be time-dependent. However, the process might get hectic, especially on a regular basis. You can cook anytime yourself differents types of donuts with the best mini donut maker.

But, with your own best donut maker the process of cooking time decreases. 

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Why buy a donut maker?

Well, it is always nice to have some sweet treats. Normally we tend to depend on the professionals for donuts, as the process is difficult. 

It takes time to make a perfect donut. But a mini donut maker makes the task of donut making easy. You just have to make a doughnut base, pour it in the maker and let it do the job. In a few minutes, you can have your mini cakes. 

Also, the market donuts versions are not always healthy but with your own maker, you can ensure healthy filings. It opens the door to healthy snacking on donuts at home.

Traditional vs. Electric donut maker

  • Starting with a positive note, we all might just agree on the fact that seeing the donuts rise is a happy feeling. But we might also agree that the thought soon after it is troubling.
  • The thought of cleaning the place and utensils along with the baking stuff is too much. All of this trouble is related to traditional donut bun maker
  • In modern electric ones, you get to enjoy a trouble-free experience. An electric one can be considered a doughnut-shaped iron which bakes both the sides evenly and makes it crispy. 
  • It is easy to clean the electric ones but traditional ones will take time to clean.
  • Electric ones are cheap and affordable which might not be the case in traditional versions.
  • An electric version is easy to carry around and is lightweight.

What to consider in your donut maker?

Size: The donut makers come in different sizes and diameters. It happens because of the number of slots. To cook multiple batches there have to be multiple slots.

 For anyone who needs to save space and has few donuts only at one time. We recommend you to buy a small and compact version of the donut maker.

Donut maker’s baking plates

Non-sticky plates

For healthy baked donuts it is necessary to have a non-stick baking plate. It makes sure that your mixture doesn’t stick to the plates. This takes down on the cleaning time and also ensures puffy donuts as a result. However, there are different coatings in the context of non-sticky plates too. 

With strong coating material, the non-sticky nature of the plates will remain for a long time. You might not even require oil. Some people make use of olive, vegetable, coconut or canola oil for a healthy result.

Removable plates

 Even if the plates are non-sticky it is still required to clean the plates. For the same purpose if the plates are not removable you will have to find correct cleaning devices. But with a removable plate, things change.

You can remove the plates, put them in the sink and use a cloth or scrub to clean. There is no certain need to have a special cloth or scrub for cleaning. Any cleaning cloth will do the magic of ultimate cleaning.

Cooking guide book

A best mini donut maker comes with a cooking guide. It includes mostly the recipes and guide to use the machine. You need not look around for the recipes while you can get it for free along with your desired machine easily. 


Cooking tools

 Baking requires specific tools as we all know. You can’t use an iron spatula on a non-stick version as it can take off the non-stick coating. It calls to use specified tools only like cooling racks, tongs, cleaning clothes or heat proof gloves. 

Not every donut maker comes with these mentioned tools. There are only a few which bring you this added benefit. 

We recommend you to find such versions as it will save you some money. Otherwise having to buy a donut maker machine excluding its essential cooking tools can really put weight on your pocket. 

Heating options

Every heating plate has a quick heating option owing to its small size. However, there are instant heating models of donut makers which heat up in 5 minutes compared to others who take 10 or more minutes to heat up. 

In quick heating versions, you can make huge batches even when its size is small.

After researching through several best options, we bring you an advance review of our 5 best mini donut maker:

1.Dash DDM007 Mini Donut Maker Machine

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Our Choice

  • Quick and easy process
  • Perfect for gift
  • Light weight

It is an interesting option to put in your list of the best mini donut maker. With its heating system, it takes around a few minutes to get a perfect donut. The non-sticky nature brings ease to cleaning.

There is a buzzer alert system which lets the user know as soon as the donuts are ready. 

Safety seems to be given all the priority here. There is a system which automatically shuts the maker to avoid the over-heating. This donut hole maker comes with non slip feet. It brings extra grip so; you can place it on the countertop. 

In addition, there is a latch handle which makes the open-close part easy. Being a kid-friendly it is even possible to help your kids learn to cook tasty treats early. The 7 slots ensure complete filling to the big or small families. 

It is a space-saving maker and can be kept anywhere in the kitchen. There is a cooking recipe guide which can be used to make different kinds of donuts. It comes free with the donut maker along with a year’s guarantee. 

This might be an ideal product for big families who run short on time to have instant sweet treats.



Ability to cook 7 donuts in one batch


Easy cleaning




Quick heating


Non-slip grip



Little heavy on weight


1. Power760 Watt
2. Dimensions11.73 x 9.09 x 5.04 inches
3. Item weight3.9 pounds
4. Capacity7 Rings
5. ColorSkyblue

2. Babycakes Donut Maker

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Value for money

  • Best for gift
  • Best for small quantity
  • Decent built quality

It has some irresistible features like the non-stick baking plates. It is easy to pour in the mix and nothing will stick to the plates. The result turns out to be a perfect size, shaped donuts easily. 

There is illuminating power light which signals when the maker is turned on. You just have to wait and keep the patience for the delicious donuts to come your way.

The latching handle makes it possible to open and close the Babycakes mini donut maker easily without getting burnt. 

You can carry the maker around being it a lightweight material. The material used in creation is also plastic adding more to its portable nature. It can be used around the kids too owing to its closed design. 

We found that the cords are convenient to wrap once the hustle of making donuts finishes. The maker heats up faster but there are only 4 slots to cook the donuts. It would have been better to have more spots but then it serves the purpose well. 

Also, as it heats up quickly you can cook one batch after another in less time than that a traditional maker would take to cook one big batch. This might be the ideal choice to have if you want small sweet treats in a perfectly cooked manner.

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Non-sticky layered coating


Illuminated power light


Latching handle







Only 4 mini donuts at a time


1. Voltage110V
2. Power760 Watt
3. Dimensions8.75 x 6 x 6.13 inches
4. Item weight1.7 pounds
5. Capacity4 Rings
6. MaterialPlastic
7. ColorYellow

3. Betty Crocker BC2938CO Mini Donut Maker

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Honourable mention

  • Includes Betty Crocker Original Recipe Booklet.
  • Cool-touch Handle
  • For everyday use

Stainless steel is a nice looking Betty Crocker version of mini donut maker. Stainless steel means added durability and rust-free protection. The donut slots make it easy to cook with its non-stick material. 

It bakes the donuts instead of frying them at a nice temperature. The donut slots are dome-shaped; the desired product turns out to be of the same shape. Also, it brings sufficient place for the other donuts to reach their full potential height and puffiness. 

In addition to the feature, the donut maker comes with a piping bag, spatula and assorted nozzles. These can be used to décor your donuts or give them some different shape. You can use some other filling than the original donut mixture as a variation too

The price of this donut maker is quite affordable and appealing. However, we felt that the donut holes are quite smaller compared to the standard size. This might be an ideal choice of donut maker for regular use if a durable product is your need.

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Stainless steel body




Easy cleaning


Highly durable


Piping bag, spatula and assorted nozzles come free



Smaller donut holes


1. Voltage-
2. Power-
3. Dimensions10.75 x 8.58 x 5.43 inches
4. Item weight1 pounds
5. Capacity7 Rings
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorPink

4. Throwback (60047) 3-In-1 Countertop donut maker

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Best Large Capacity

  • 36 donut at one time
  • 6 interchangeable nonstick
  • Waffles to donuts

One feature which we liked the most is the control to turn on or off the baking plates. There are interchangeable plates which make the task simple 

The capacity of this donut maker is 12. It makes the maker best suited for even large families. In one go itself, a nice amount of donuts can be baked. 

The plates come with a non-stick material coating. It also has stainless steel coating too which ensures durability. 

The heating system of the maker is excellent while working on 1400 watt power it remained efficient. There is equal heating which is directed to the donuts minimising the heat loss. 

Also, the maker comes with a nice booklet to help find versatility in donut making. It is an ideal product option if you want a high performing donut maker to cook huge batches in one go.



Capacity of 12 x 4 donuts


Equal heating on both sides


Powerful and efficient


Sturdy modern-looking built


Interchangeable plates



No auto-shutdown


1. Voltage-
2. Power1400 watt
3. Dimensions13.66 x 10.59 x 12.79 inches
4. Item weight14.77 pounds
5. Capacity12 Rings
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorRed

5. Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine

  • Our Rating 78% 78%

Best features

  • Satisfactory everyday performance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

It is a unique donut maker which has a preheat feature. These features work well to let the user know if the maker is working with its indicator light.

Once the heating reaches the maximum level the device shuts down. This brings the maximum safety. It comes with a 7 slot donut making area which heats up in less than a minute. However, the plastic body doesn’t guarantee the durability of the product. 

The cool-touch handles make it easy to touch the maker soon after the baking is over. Also, the temperature controls are automatic which we felt made the maker easy to use.

The indicator lights work fine in alerting every time power or preheat was turned on. But we still recommend you to use the product with caution especially around the kids. 

One year warranty along with a nice cooking guide is an amazing feature. There are some vegan recipes in the guide book. It might be the ultimate product for anyone who wants less of a mess while cooking but needs tasty sweets in return. Small, compact and easy controls might also get your attention.



Easy to handle


 Preheat feature works amazingly


Comes with a recipe book


Easy temperature control


Can be stored vertically too



Plastic based material- not durable


Lose clamp


1. Voltage -
2. Power750 watt
3. Dimensions10.9 x 9.6 x 5.7 inches
4. Item weight3.1 pounds
5. Capacity7 Rings
6. MaterialPlastic
7. ColorPink


The idea of getting a donut from your own place is fascinating. But a traditional donut maker might spoil all the fun with its desperate need to have rough cleaning and time consumption. An electric doughnut maker remains your true companion in serving fresh, healthy and home-cooked doughnuts. 

On top of it, the best mini donut maker adds sugar to the process of baking a donut. For the same we recommend you to go with Dash DDM007 Mini Donut Maker Machine for several reasons. It has cool features which come at the ease of baking and cleaning. 

You can depend on the device to last longer and do the task of providing you best home-cooked doughnuts. There are other donut maker options too like sunbeam donut maker but we still liked the ones that we have mentioned above in the blog.


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