Top 5 Best Mini Food Processor of 2022 (The Ultimate Review)

by | Jan 19, 2021

Food processors are one such appliance which shortens the prep time. You can make food like a pro for your family in significantly less time than you normally would do without the best mini food processor.

Buying a new appliance is a journey of learning every minor detail about your would-be mini food processor and we are here to guide you through the process with our mini food processor review.

We searched through the best products in the market to find the leading products.

31 Models Considered

5 Experts Interviewed

65 Hours of Research

122 Reviews Analyzed

What is a food processor?

Food processors are one of the most required electric kitchen appliances.

This multi-functional appliance does amazing work with mixing, pureeing, grate, emulsifying or chopping the food items. 

It comes as a full size and a mini version. For smaller quantity food items, a mini food processor takes off the workload and also doesn’t take up the counter space.

How mini food processors work?

The technological front is a little difficult to understand but in short words, a food processor works to simplify the difficult tasks.

You put a food item in the bowl and the blades start their magic. They tear the food item into small pieces by making fast rotations.

It comes in a manual as well as an electric version. More popular is an electric one owing to its features.

Where to use a mini food processor?

  • In the kitchen, with a single click, you can reduce your prep time to a significant amount.
  • Being compact or such a mini version it doesn’t cover the whole space. You can even take it with you to several places.
  • It can be used over a food chopper. A mini food processor has a capacity of 7-11 cups to hold for chopping, grinding, mixing and mincing food.
  • It can be used as a storage unit by taking the work bowl out.
  • Many food recipes now require the use of the food processor.

Best Mini Food Processor

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABCBest Overall
2. KitchenAid KFC3516ICMost Versatile
3. LINKChef FC-5125 mini food processorSmart Choice
4. Proctor silex 72500PSUnder Budget
5. Hamilton 72860Honorable Mention

What foods can you make in a food processor?

A food processor is a savior as it allows you to make maximum dishes with the reduction in the prep time. 


Hard food items like nuts, vegetables or other food items can be chopped using a food processor.


At a normal speed, a food processor can slice potatoes, cucumbers and food items which require the finest slicing.


Cauliflower grating is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish but a food processor does the work in a few clicks.

Not just cauliflower, other food items can be grated simply.


With manual pureeing of the gravy, it is possible to not reach the fine coarse. However, a food processor brings fine results to even the hardest items.

It can be used to mince the meat, make purees, chop veggies or food items and almost everything which requires you to make your desired dish.

Which mini food processor is best?

There are several small yet important things which make the best in the market


the motor contributes the most to make it the best mini food processor.

For kneading dough, only a powerful machine can work otherwise the overheating might end up destroying the system.


There are food processors ranging from 3 cups to a maximum of 20 – cups capacity. The selection of the same depends on the requirement.

To cook for a family a 3 cup capacity will not work, it is best to get a processor of 10 or more cups capacity machine.

If you want maximum capacity we suggest: Best Food Processor Under $100


A multi-functional food processor is better than a single one.

An S-shaped blade in a food processor working at high speed will produce purees while the same on a lower speed produces finely chopped food items.

Hence, a powerful food processor will be more functional than a lesser-powered one.


The more controls the merrier. There are single-button operational food processors which are easy to use.

With a pulse button, it only works better if the pressure is applied to it.

Feeding tube

The chute or a feeding tube controls most part of the processing.

With a wide chute, the prep time lowers down as you don’t have to chop the food item into smaller pieces

A lesser wide chute will require smaller pieces. This increases the prep time.


Every brand offers its own accessories. Some are much required ones while others can be left out.

However, some basic accessories are work bowls of different sizes, disks, and blades.

It is important to check what all accessories are coming with the food processor before buying.

Otherwise, there is a high chance that you might have to overspend separately.

Where to buy best mini food processor?

You can always find the product available in online stores. But it gets important to find the original genuine mini prep food processor at a worthy price.

There are several other brands which you might find interesting owing to their model features.

We have researched several amazing products to find top products. These have been picked considering their affordability, valuable, durable and interesting features.

Here are our top 5 leading mini food processor.

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Best Overall

  • Travel- friendly
  • Auto-reverse feature
  • Simple Touchpad controls

Cuisinart mini food processor DLC-2ABC model comes with 250 watts of a powerful motor.

Chopping, grinding, mincing, or dicing for that sake becomes easy with a powerful system. It is a compact model making it possible to carry around while traveling.

We absolutely loved how the dishwasher-safe bowl is kept in check in this model. It takes a few minutes to clean the bowl.

Blades are positioned in such a way that the lower portions ensure complete churning of the food items.

Also, blades are made of stainless steel which means a high-performance precision.

The touchpad controls are simple and quite simple to clean. Auto-reversing blades work powerfully for processing options.

We felt that the lid doesn’t tighten up all the time. In these cases, when the lid remains to lose the spilling of food items gets too common.

There is an additional spatula for better food processing.

Warranty: Comes with a limited period warranty of 18-month.

We have also listed this food processor in the best food processor under $50 category.



Compact size-travel friendly 


Auto-reversing blade


High-performance stainless steel blade


Dishwasher safe material


Additional spatula



Only two speed option (Chop and Grind) but they work well.


1. Power250 Watts
2. Speed2 (Chop and Grind)
3. Product Dimensions9.25 x 7 x 5 Inches
4. Weight2.2 Pounds
5. Capacity24 Ounce
6. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
7. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
8. ColorBrushed Stainless
9. Warranty18 Months

2. KitchenAid KFC3516IC

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Most Versatile

  • Countertop friendly
  • Amazing features
  • Different blending options

This KitchenAid 3.5 cup mini food processor comes with a large capacity. With a powerful motor, it gets easy to finish cooking prep.

Locking blade is pretty sharp. Also, the lid tightens up when covering the bowl. It makes it less messy while using this model.

The two-speed with pulse operation produces fine or a coarse food item. It works with a BPA-free material and possesses no risks.

We liked how there is a zero spilling chance owing to the pouring spout. 

The material is totally dishwasher safe means better and easy cleaning.

There are plenty of accessories which come along like two lids, multi-purpose blade, and handy storage case, dicing kit, a dough blade and reversible shredding disk.

However, when used on high-speed settings the fluid leaked a little.

Warranty: Comes with a one year warranty. It covers the labour, motor and parts.



Two-speed controls


Many blending processes


Locking blade feature


Amazing Sealed lid 


Large capacity



It might leak while using high speed with full working bowl


1. Power240 Watts
2. Speed2 Option
3. Product Dimensions5.6 x 7 x 8.7 Inches
4. Weight2.7 Pounds
5. Capacity3.5 Cup
6. MaterialPlastic
7. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
8. ColorIce Blue
9. Warranty1 Year

3. LINKChef FC-5125 mini food processor

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Smart Choice

  • Robust stainless steel blades
  • Powerful low noise motor
  • Smart features

It is a versatile mini food processor working at a power of 250W.

The prep time of chopping meat, shredding cabbage, veggies and frozen food items lower down significantly in comparison to other models.

It works on a two-speed feature. We especially liked how polished stainless steel keeps it away from corrosion and safe from scratches.

The 4-bi level blades keep control of chopping, mincing, dressing and making purees. 

Anti-slip rubber keeps the countertop grip strong. There is a BPA free splash guard keeping the spilling under control.

Warranty: it comes with a 3 year-long warranty. This is something which is one of the unique things that this mini food processor possesses. 



Overheating protection


2-speed option


4 bi-level blades


Scratch, corrosion-resistant


Anti-slip rubber mat



User manual is unclear don’t worry it’s easy to oprate


1. Power250 Watts
2. Speed1 Option
3. Product Dimensions6.4 x 6.4 x 9.2 Inches
4. Weight2.72 Pounds
5. Capacity500 ml
6. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
7. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
8. ColorSilver and black
9. Warranty3 Year

4. Proctor silex 72500PS

  • Our Rating 91% 91%

Under Budget

  • Efficient working
  • Best for a small family
  • Compact size

It is an everyday use mini food processor. This model works efficiently to puree, emulsify & chop the desired food items.

The size is compact meaning it can be kept anywhere on the countertop without occupying large spaces.

We felt simple pulse controls amazing and easy. Also, the material used in this food processor is of good quality making it a long-lasting model.

Bowl is stainless transparent hence while the user knows how well the food item has chopped, pureed or shredded.

The capacity is 1.5 cups which is best suited for a family of 2-3 people at its best. 

All the major parts including lid, removable blades and the bowl are dishwasher safe.



Detachable parts- easy cleaning


Powerful blades


Simple pulse control


Good quality material


Transparent bowl



A little noisy


1. Power70 Watts
2. Speed1 Option
3. Product Dimensions5.13 x 5.44 x 8.5 Inches
4. Weight1 Pounds
5. Capacity1 Cup
6. MaterialPlastic
7. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
8. ColorWhite
9. WarrantyNot Mention

5. Hamilton 72860

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Honorable Mention

  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable glass bowl

Hamilton’s model comes in an elegant design. The size is compact and lightweight to be a better travel companion.

Start and stop buttons work under the same control.

Its cord storage is an innovative idea. Durable glass bowl makes it a good thing as it keeps the food a little safer. 

The stainless steel blades in this model are hard and sharp. With hard food items, it adds an advantage

It holds a capacity of 3-cups which is best suited for vegetables chopping action. 

Handy and efficient nature comes with a compact size. When used we liked that it is easy to assemble.

Just keep the bowl and blade on the processor’s base and place the lid. 

This model comes with accessories like a storage container

Normally, the glass container keeps the odour even after a nice wash. We liked how it is kept odour free, scratch and stain free in this model.

However, the cord could have been a little longer but even with a short chord, there isn’t much difficulty.



Sleek design


Single start-stop button


Cord storage is available


Tough stainless blades


Easy to assemble



The Cord is a little short


1. Power175 Watts
2. Speed1 Option
3. Product Dimensions6.3 x 5.51 x 5.51 Inches
4. Weight3.46 Pounds
5. Capacity3 Cup
6. MaterialPlastic
7. Blade MaterialStainless Steel
8. ColorBlack
9. Warranty1 Year


A food processor is an amazing product which you shouldn’t be avoiding having in your kitchen.

It makes the task of preparing for cooking easy and mess-free. You can put your food item in the bowl and let the blades do their magic.

However, every user needs specific features hence, we recommend you to make a list of most required features then select the best model for yourself.

We personally feel Cuisinart DLC-2ABC leads from the front in the best mini food processor list.

It holds some amazing features including the auto-reverse feature which works to keep the overheating in control.

With a simple touchpad, the system becomes quite easy to use.

The blade comes with a stainless steel material which is strong for almost every food item. This is a dream model for a mini food processor purchase.

Ease your life with the best food processor on your side!

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