Best Pre Ground Coffee for French Press in 2021 (Top 5 Pick)

by | Feb 11, 2021

Aroma and taste are a vital part of a delicious cup of coffee but people do not believe in pre-ground coffee for this.

Here in this article we are presenting the best pre ground coffee for french press and will remove all your doubts about pre-ground coffee.

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What is Pre Ground Coffee?

Pre-ground coffee is simply crushed coffee beans of which brewed coffee is made up of.

The ground is quite similar to wheat flour that is very fine and powdery. 

In this process coffee beans go through a very long process from seed to plant and then to coffee beans.

They are washed and dried in the sun then ground in special machines under expert supervision.

Various Roast Levels of Pre Ground Coffee for French Press

If we talk about brewing in the French press then there is no difference.

The difference is created by the level of roast of coffee beans that will ultimately lead to the flavor of the coffee. Various roast levels of coffee are:

Light Flavor Roast

These are lightly roasted coffee beans that are generally oily in texture and give a little bitter taste to the coffee.

It is generally not recommended for the French press but it depends upon your taste if you love the soft and delicate flavor of the coffee.

Medium Flavor Roast

These coffee beans are slightly dark and deep in color compared to the light-flavored roasted beans and also adds more aroma and taste to the beans due to their less oily and dry surface.

It also works great for French press coffee brands.

Medium Dark Flavor Roast

Compared to the above one they are more dark and intense in taste that works great with milk as it cannot hamper the taste of a coffee.

You get a balanced flavor of milk as well as coffee mixed with the taste of nuts and chocolates.

Dark Flavor Roast

As the name suggests it is the top-level roast of coffee beans and is black with robust flavors.

It takes the longest time to roast and works as a great gift for the strong coffee lover. It works best for espresso but not the French press. 

How to Use a French Press with Pre Ground Coffee?

To make the best French press coffee with pre-ground coffee you need to follow certain steps which are as follows:

  • First, boil water; let’s say you took 4 cups of water.
  • Preheat the French press.
  • Add coffee grounds to the French press.
  • Then add the boiling water into it.
  •  Steep the coffee, Stir continuously
  • Press your coffee and pour

How Can we Keep Pre Ground Coffee Tasting Fresh?

Well, it is true that once the beans are ground up they start deteriorating rapidly but if stored properly it can retain the taste and aroma like freshly grind coffee. Here are certain ways using which you can store the coffee to keep it fresh.

  • Keep in an airtight container so that it does not get destroyed by the outer moisture.
  • Freeze it. Yes, it is possible to keep the coffee in the freezer as well as keep away the moisture from the coffee.
  • Keep your coffee away from the light; store them in an opaque container and a dark place.
  • Buy only that amount of coffee that is useful for you because storing for long will make the coffee lose its flavor.

An Idea Technique for Your Coffee Packaging

The packaging is the most important thing that should be considered while storing your pre-ground coffee.

It will decide how long your coffee will be tasteful. Various coffee packaging bags are:

Flat Bottom Bag

This type of packaging comes with a flat base that can easily stand unassisted on the shelf with folded over at the top and sealed at the bottom.

Quad Seal Bag

A very popular bag with crisp side seals and can hold heavier fills of coffee

Pillow Bag

They are normally used bags for single-serve coffee packaging and are the simplest and economical type of bag.

Bag in Bag

Generally used for food service and bulk sale purposes with smaller sealed frac bags inside the large outer bag. 

Pre Ground Coffee or Freshly Ground Coffee, Which one to buy?

People are always in a dilemma about which one to buy, pre-ground coffee, or freshly ground coffee.

Pre-ground coffee saves a lot of time as you don’t need to get up and then grind the beans and then you will get your cup of coffee. 

Just keep the grounded coffee in an airtight container to save it from getting exposed to environmental factors including oxygen and extreme temperature.

Freshly ground coffee has that fresh aroma and taste, this is the fact that no one can neglect.

With time the pre-ground coffee may lose its flavor and aroma and feels stale.

Here is the list of properly analyzed and reviewed best pre ground coffee for French press.

1. Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Our Choice

  • Always Fresh, Never stale
  • Hand roasted
  • The pursuit of perfection

Peet’s coffee deals in medium roast, ground coffee which has been given the name of the big bang.

Medium roast is their signature coffee that is vibrant, full-flavored, boldly original, and roasted to medium boiled perfection. 

If we talk about quality; it is 100% Arabica coffee that is full of tropical fruits in the smooth and medium style.

In pursuit of perfection, this brand never compromises with its quality such that coffee speaks for itself. 

Coffee beans are specifically and closely roasted by hands by their special craft masters who work on each bean to extract the potential flavor of the bean.

As coffee gets stale with time so the exact date is always mentioned on the package to make sure when exactly it was toasted so that you get freshly ground coffee in place of the stale one.

 As it is medium roasted so it works as the best coffee ground for various types of coffee.



Full of flavors




Quality guaranteed


Boiled to medium perfection



Don’t buy an old package


1. BrandPeet’s Coffee
2. Item FormRoast & Ground
3. Roast LevelMedium Roast
4. FlavorBig Bang
5. Caffeine ContentRegular
6. Product Dimensions7.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 Inches
7. Weight1.12 Pounds

Final Verdict

A coffee that guarantees a cup full of flavors, aroma, and 100% Arabica that is full of tropical fruits and will surely make your day.

2. Primos French Press Specialty Coffee

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Special For French Press

  • Coarsely ground
  • Small batch roasted
  • Naturally dried

Primos coffee comes from a family farm that is growing coffee since 1929 and ensures the finest specialty coffee. 

They follow sustainable practices to grow and bring you perfectly roasted ground coffee to your cup.

The fruits are highly grown in shade and are picked by hand then they are completely washed and are dried in the fresh air and strong sun. 

Coffee is being medium roasted and coarsely ground that works great for the French press and is generally considered as the best coffee for the French press

This ground coffee is smooth, mild, sweet with the citrus tincture, and less acidic compared to other coffee brands.

A well balanced good coffee for French press comes with pleasant fruit and cacao notes that give it an aroma that everyone would love to have in that cup of coffee. 

It can be the best gift your friend can get if he loves French press coffee.

Get ready to get a delightful and easy-drinking coffee from the farm of a fourth-generation family.



Coarsely ground


Hand roasted


Naturally dried


Low acidic 





Mild flavor


1. BrandPrimos Coffee Co.
2. Item FormGround
3. Roast LevelMedium Roast
4. FlavorMedium Roast
5. Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
6. Product Dimensions10.28 x 6.54 x 2.83 Inches
7. Weight12 Ounces

Final Verdict

Works best for the ones who do not like strong coffee and have a love for a pleasant and subtle flavor.

3. Bulletproof French Kick Ground Coffee

  • Our Rating 96.5% 96.5%

Keto Friendly

  • Certified clean coffee
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified 
  • Organic

The bulletproof coffee maker makes perfect ground for pour-over and drips coffee that comes with sustainable standards that mean they are certified by Rainforest Alliance that ensures that best ingredients are used to make coffee by following best practices.

The company makes sure that the coffee you are drinking is toxin-free, pure and clean.

To maintain the genuineness and purity of coffee the highest quality beans are handpicked by experts to ensure that there is no loophole in the process.

100% Arabica coffee which is completely organic grows on the high-altitude estates of Guatemala and Colombia and then is washed, dried, and tested to make that cup of coffee worth remembering.

Coffee beans grown with so much care and under expert supervision cannot upset a coffee lover with its most important quality of being organic.



Sustainable Standards


Minimized toxins


Strict quality control


Handpicked beans





Medium quality of packaging


1. BrandBulletproof
2. Item FormGround
3. Roast LevelDark Roast
4. FlavorSmoky
5. Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
6. Product Dimensions4.3 x 7.4 x 2.6 Inches
7. Weight12 Ounces

Final Verdict

If you are a quality conscious person and wants a coffee that is grown organically then this one is great option.

4. Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Dark Roast Ground Coffee

  • Bold Flavor
  • Small batch roasting
  • Fair and organic

A high-rated brand Death wishes coffee claims its coffee to be the world’s strongest coffee that is bold and intense enough to revolutionize your morning by turning your normal cup of coffee into a blast of a strong energetic cup of brew. 

That bold taste of dark roasted ground coffee comes from the premium Arabica and Robusta coffee that is selected by experts from all around the world.

The final product is being certified by a USDA certificate which shows that it is completely fair and organic. 

Adding to this the bold flavor of coffee includes never bitter cherry and chocolate flavor profile.

No added flavors of caffeine or additives are added during the blending process, making it fair trade coffee beans whose one cup will awaken your inner rebel. 

Coffee beans are roasted in small batches that are less than 65 lbs per batch by experts to maintain the quality and consistency of coffee.



Highly caffeinated


Bold flavor




USDA certified


Strong coffee



Needs to be stored in a sealed bag


1. BrandDeath Wish Coffee
2. Item FormGround
3. Roast LevelDark Roast
4. FlavorGroundGround
5. Caffeine ContentHigh
6. Product Dimensions4 x 3 x 9  Inches
7. Weight1.03 Pounds

Final Verdict

A strong coffee full of flavors, if taken in the morning will make you full of energy and may awaken your sleepy spirits.

5. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve

  • Our Rating 94% 94%

Cold Brew Coffee

  • Cold-brew reserve
  • Colombian single-origin
  • Coarse ground

Stone Street is a well-known brand when it comes to cold brew coffee that is dedicated to making fine art and handcrafted coffee.

They have the expertise of many years to develop unique characteristics and profiles of each coffee.

One of them is this dark roasted coffee that works great for cold brewing. In the hot chilly summer noon, this works as a blessing.

The flavor of coffee is a little sweet, smooth, well balanced, and is less acidic compared to hot coffee.

This coarse ground comes from 100% Colombian Supreme beans to give you that optimal cold brew extraction.

Adding to this the coffee comes in great packaging that is a standup pouch packaging which is 3 layers natural kraft resealable 1 pound bag that includes a one-way degassing valve to maintain freshness and aroma.





Perfect grind


Super smooth


Standup pouch packaging





Need to store close package


1. BrandStone Street Coffee
2. Item FormGround
3. Roast LevelDark Roast
4. FlavorGround
5. Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
6. Product Dimensions6.5 x 2 x 9  Inches
7. Weight1 Pounds

Final Verdict

A cold brew coffee beans perfectly made from Colombian supreme that is less acidic than got coffee and comes in 3 layers natural Kraft resealable bags.


Best pre-ground coffee is available in the market which is the same as whole ground coffee with the best flavor and aroma.

According to us, Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast has been rated as the best pre ground coffee for French press by us.

 As this coffee is medium roasted so it works for everyone and will work with milk and without milk.

 Plus the brand gives the assurance of the quality by giving you the perfect coffee while you are sitting comfortably on the couch at your home. 

 The beans have been roasted to medium boiled perfection that makes sure that gives the perfect flavor and aroma to the coffee.

 So, it’s up to you which type of roast level coffee you would love to have for your French press.

Happy brewing!

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