Top 5 Best Sushi Rice Cooker of 2022 (Revealed Expert Guide)

by | Jan 19, 2021

Go anywhere in the world, you will always find rice as the main ingredient of one of the dishes on the menu.

Rice is loved and served everywhere in the world in various forms and one of its famous forms is Sushi which is cooked in the best sushi rice cooker.

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What is Sushi Rice?

Sushi has its origin from Japan and is simply vinegar rice garnished with various ingredients in different shapes and sizes.

It is loved by people in different parts of the world under different names and styles.

Before moving forward just prepare your taste buds for a Japanese delicacy known as Sushi about which we are going to discuss now.

Sushi is a staple and well-known dish of Japan made with small and medium rice that is cooked carefully with vinegar, sugar and salt. Some people garnish it with raw vegetables, some add eggs and seafood and the most famous is adding fish to it.

People with their creativity and experience have come up with various types of sushi.

How to make sushi rice in a rice cooker?

Everyone loves to eat sushi but some people think that preparing it is a very tedious task, but if you have a good rice cooker in your kitchen then cooking becomes an effortless task.

Consider these points while preparing sushi rice in a rice cooker.

  • It can be prepared in any mini rice cooker or a small rice cooker.
  • Use either small or medium-grain rice for making sushi as they are soft, plump and easily chewable. This kind of consistency soaks the vinegar salt mixture properly.
  • Take some amount of rice with a measuring cup and rinse it in the pot of the rice cooker with water. Drain it properly and repeat this process 2-3 times until the water runs clear.
  • After washing, add water in the 1:2 ratios or according to the way you prepare rice in a normal cooker. It may vary from rice to rice.
  • While your rice is being prepared take a separate bowl and mix vinegar sugar and salt. Heat on medium temperature until all the ingredients are mixed properly.
  • When both are prepared then combine these both mixtures gently with a wooden spoon. Let the aroma of both the mixtures harmonize with each other.

Your sushi rice is ready for the meal.

Best Sushi Rice Cooker

1. Aroma Rice Grain CookerOur Choice
2. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker Most Versatile
3. Dash Mini Rice CookerOverall Best Pick
4. Imusa Electric Rice CookerHonorable Mention
5. Black Decker Rice CookerUnder Budget

Features to look for in a Sushi Rice Cooker


Different rice cookers come with variable holding capacity. Sometimes the same brand offers models with different capacities. For smaller families, it is better to use a regular size rice cooker. We suggest you to note the description of the cooker where it is written about the capacities for both cooked and uncooked.

Cooking program

Various cookers come with several all together functional controls which work great for multipurpose cooking. In addition to cooking rice, you can steam and cook vegetables, soups and meat.


Warranty of the product depends upon the manufacturer. It may vary from 1 year to 2 years. Warranty of 2 years is ideal if not getting a 1-year warranty is a must. Again it depends on its accompanied features.


Price may or may not be considered as a feature but it plays a vital part while buying the appliance. Price may vary depending upon the quality, capacity and brand. The number of features in your appliance determines the price of the product.

Ease of Cleaning

Cookers with non-stick coating and removable inner pots are easy to clean. There are some dishwasher safe materials made rice cookers too for better cleaning.

How to use a rice cooker?

Preparing rice in a rice cooker is not a tough task. Even a teenager can cook rice in it.

The best rice cooker works on the principle of boiling water and then getting that water absorbed in the rice.

As these cookers are automatic, so while your rice is getting ready, you can do other work without worrying about over boiling and scorching.

There are various questions people have in mind while using it. Let us discuss them.

How much time does it take to cook?

Cooking time depends upon the type and amount of rice. Here, with a rice cooker, you don’t have to worry about overcooking and burning because when your rice is cooked it automatically turns off.

Now let’s discuss the Best Sushi Rice Cookers reviewed and analyzed by us.

1. Aroma Rice Grain Cooker

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Our Choice

  • 8 cup capacity
  • 5 layer non-stick inner pots
  • User-friendly programming

Aroma Housewares is a digital cool touch rice grain cooker and food steamer which has the capacity of 2-8 cups.

Its user-friendly programming and digital panel with 4 present digital functions give you assistance with steaming and keeping your food warm.

Plus there is a separate function for white rice and brown rice.

It comes with an ultra-durable and sticky inner pot that is easy to clean and does not clip and flake like ceramic, Cook anything from breakfast to dinner, from rice and grains to soups and veggies in this one-pot meal server.

It is one of the Best aroma rice cooker available in the market.



Dishwasher safe


Simple and versatile




15-hour delay timer


Compact capacity


Upgraded Inner Pot



Needs to be handle with care


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power450 Watts
3. Product Dimensions8.25 x 9 x 8.5 Inches
4. Weight3.6 Pounds
5. Capacity4 Quartz
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorSilver
8. Warranty1 Year

2. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Most Versatile

  • Fold-down handle
  • Removable steam vent cap
  • Built-in retractable power cord

Zojirushi Rice Cooker comes with multi menu cooking functions which include special settings for white/mixed rice, sushi rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice, long rice, white rice, steel-cut oatmeal and quick cooking.

Its retractable cord makes it easier to store. With an electrical rating of 120 volts or 450 watts, its microcomputer automatically adjusts cooking temperature and time.

You will not face any messy overflows as it comes with a removable steam vent cap that allows for high-temperature cooking.

Its accessories include rice spatula, spatula holder and rice measuring cup.

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Best rated product


Multi-menu cooking function




Easy to clean


Triple heating capability



Removing lid is difficult


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power450 Watts
3. Product Dimensions11.88 x 9.13 x 7.5 Inches
4. Weight6 Pounds
5. CapacityUp to 3 Cups
6. MaterialStainless Steel
7. ColorStainless Black
8. Warranty6 Months

3. Dash Mini Rice Cooker

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Smart Choice

  • Compact size
  • All in one Versatility
  • Non-stick coating

Dash DRCM200GBR004 is a mini rice cooker, perfect for a small family to prepare meals, sushi, pasta, oatmeal and steamed veggies.

This 200-watt cooker comes with a 1-year warranty and accessories like a rice paddle, measuring cup and a recipe book.

Due to its compact size, it can easily find space on the counter. The cool-touch handles make it comfortable to carry it from the kitchen to the dining table.

Cleaning is very easy and hassle-free due to its non-stick coating and removable pot.

It is a great gifting option, the receiver would love it.

Don’t worry about getting your food cold, its warm function turns on automatically after cooking so that you get ready to eat warm food.

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Keep warm function


Easy to clean




Removable non-stick pot


U.S. based Customer Support



Nothing much to dislike


1. Power200 Watts
2. Product Dimensions8.5 x 6.5 x 6.3 Inches
3. Weight2.86 Pounds
4. CapacityUp to 2 Cups
5. MaterialPlastic, Stainless Steel
6. ColorBlack
7. Warranty1 year

4. Imusa Electric Rice Cooker

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Honorable Mention

  • Automatic cook
  • Removable non stick cooking pot
  • Tempered glass lid with air vent

Imusa USA GUA-00011 is an electric nonstick mini rice cooker with a removable nonstick cooking pot which makes it easy to clean and rice does not stick at the bottom like in ceramic cookers.

It comes with cooking and warm indicator light, that confirms whether your rice is cooked or not.

It has a simple on and off feature that anyone in the family can use.

While your rice is cooking in the rice cooker at the same time you can spend quality time with your family members.

The glass lid allows you to monitor the rice while it is looking.

Make dishes in this multipurpose rice cooker and bring smiles on your family member’s faces.



Automatic Cook and Warm Switch


Easy to use features


Easy to clean


Time saving


Ideal for cooking rice



Handle the glass lid carefully


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power300 Watts
3. Product Dimensions8.25 x 9.1 x 6.4 Inches
4. Weight2.6 Pounds
5. CapacityUp to 3 Cups
6. MaterialPlastic and Metal
7. ColorWhite
8. WarrantyNot Mention

5. Black Decker Rice Cooker

  • Our Rating 92% 92%

Under Budget

  • Warm and cook indicator lights
  • 2 in 1 versatility
  • Non-stick rice pot

Black Decker RC506 is a 2 in 1 versatile cooker that can cook rice and steam vegetables.

It includes a steamer basket, serving scoop and a rice measuring cup. Adding to this, this affordable rice cooker can also be used to prepare soups, stews and oatmeal.

It comes with a 2-year warranty which might increase your trust in it. A steaming basket lets you cook healthy veggies, meat and more.

Through its tempered id glass, you can see the rice while cooking and it’s cool touch handles lets you to carry the cooker anywhere with ease.

If you are planning for a party or a large gathering at your place, then this rice cooker can be your best friend in the kitchen as it can prepare up to 6 cups.

The tempered glass lid and rice pot both are dishwasher safe.



Dishwasher safe


Keep warm function


Great capacity


2 year warranty





Cooker needs to be handled with care


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power300 Watts
3. Product Dimensions10 x 9 x 5.5 Inches
4. Weight3.76 Pounds
5. Capacity6-Cups
6. MaterialPlastic and Metal
7. ColorWhite
8. Warranty2 Years


Sushi only has its origin from Japan but now it is available in every part of the world in different varieties and sizes.

The main hero of Sushi is Rice and toppings may differ from place to place and there is no doubt that it has gained popularity worldwide with various kinds of experiments and creativity done with it.

Making sushi has also become very easy at home with the sushi rice cooker. Find the Best sushi rice cooker that will serve your purpose.

According to us, the Aroma Rice Grain Cooker works great for making sushi and other vegetables.

It comes with good capacity and various kinds of functions with a user-friendly program and 15 hour delay time so you don’t have to worry about eating the meal immediately after cooking it.

Adding to this, food does not stick in the pot as it is non-stick coated and is very easy to clean.

We prefer it because it is a kitchen as well as pocket friendly. Bring joy to your family by preparing delicious sushi for them and gain all compliments from them.

What else you can ask for. You can go through the entire Sushi rice cookers range and find the one which suits your needs and pocket. This was our part, else is your decision.

Happy cooking!


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