Coffee Culture in America: How Coffee Gained Popularity

by | Mar 22, 2021

Coffee is a culture in itself. Coffee has gained popularity all around the world and it is a daily ritual in America with 70% of the population consuming at least two cups of coffee daily.

You want to meet someone you always ask them out on coffee, it has become a trend all over America.

The coffee culture in America has evolved at a high rate that everyone wants a fresh cup of coffee soon after they wake up in the morning.

Evolution of Coffee Culture in America

Evolution of Coffee Culture in America

Coffee was never a mainstream beverage in America and it never knew that the coffee produced in Ethiopia and brewed in Arabs will become an important beverage for the people of America.

Nearly three-quarters of American adults drink coffee every day which shows that is more consumed than ever before.

In the 1970s with the increased production of soft drinks, coffee turned into a specialty coffee that led to ushered in flavored coffee, single-origin coffee, and the culture of a coffee house in America.

In the 1990s this brown beverage gained popularity and after that coffee culture became a social one with many coffee shops opened around the cities and towns. Coffee culture was popularly shown in the world-famous TV show friends.

Now coffee has become a main part of the starter when you go out on a date, meeting, or chilling out with friends.

How Coffee Gained Popularity

How Coffee Gained Popularity

Coffee was used by many monks for its medicinal benefits quite early when no one knew about coffee and consumed it regularly for the stimulant effects of the caffeine.

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When these monks traveled around the world they took with themselves the goodness of coffee and spread it around the world.

Same at that time North American colonists caught on to the addicting coffee boom and opened the first coffee house in New York City.

Soon after that coffee gained popularity in America and then there was turning back.

First Coffee Shop in America

The Tontine Coffee House First Coffee Shop in America

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When the world was getting crazy with this brown beverage then the first coffee house was opened in America in New York City under the name The Tontine Coffee House in 1792.

This was the original location of the New York Stock Exchange as so much business was conducted there.

Great tasting coffee is served in large-sized cups that are expensive and are customized in such a way that the flavor of coffee is lost somewhere in it.

Now America’s many famous and renowned coffee-making companies have gained popularity and have franchisees all around the world.

Some of them are Starbucks, Folgers, Peet’s coffee, Dunkin, and many more.

Growth of Coffee Drinking Culture in America

Growth of Coffee Drinking Culture in America

In the early days, Americans were addicted to high alcohol consumption, and then in the 19th century when French influence took over North America and heralded an epoch-making culture.

Tea drinking culture was at its low due to fewer supplies of ingredients led to the new wave and Americans adopted their specialized brewing techniques and came out with new flavors of coffee.

Social Impact of the Coffee

Social Impact of the Coffee

The remarkable success of coffee culture in America has added a degree of social value to the citizens of America.

Coffee boosts productivity and activates the brain cells by lifting the mood that is enough to socialize with the strangers at a table next to you and the watercooler at the office. Companies have separate coffee breaks for their employees.

No doubt coffee has become a social drink and has a separate coffee culture in America. Now the number of laptops matches the number of coffee cups in a coffee house.

The best part of the coffee culture is that people have become less addicted to alcohol, now they prefer more coffee than alcohol.

The coffee culture has become an industry-wide trend that has spread from office to manufacturing plants to hospitals.

Coffee has a very significant role to play in the modern workplace, whether it’s a meeting or a long day shift, everyone wants coffee to be active and alive. This revolution will continue to grow all around the world.

Not only drinking, but people also prefer to get trained in making and experimenting with the taste of the coffee.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

If you are a regular coffee drinker then you might have felt the benefits you have in your health by drinking coffee. Here are some of the benefits of drinking coffee.

  • The presence of magnesium, calcium, and potassium in coffee helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles.
  • As coffee contains antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals and other toxins in the body.
  • Drinking coffee helps you in reducing the risk of type 2 disease that comes due to genetic predisposition if you drink one cup of coffee daily.
  • Coffee also protects you against heart problems by releasing chemicals that prevent damage to blood vessels.
  • You can control your weight and reduce it by consuming coffee without sugar.

Final Thoughts

We are not alone who are crazy for coffee, it’s the entire world who is going crazy for that one cup of coffee.

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