How many Scoops of Coffee for 12 Cups? A Complete Guide

by | Mar 4, 2021

Many coffee lovers love to have a cup of freshly made coffee soon after waking up. But making decisions like how many scoops do they need to get in order to make their perfect cup of coffee is very difficult and perhaps irritating. They just want their coffee and nothing else.

Here in this article, we try on solving your problem for once and all as we are going to discuss how many scoops of coffee for 12 cups you need.

What do the Scoops of Coffee Mean?

A scoop of coffee simply means a coffee measuring cup that can hold approximately 2 tablespoons of ground coffee and 1 tablespoon holds 0.18 ounce of coffee.

This measuring cup helps you to make perfect coffee with a proper measurement like big coffee houses.

What do the Scoops of Coffee Mean_

Basics of Making Coffee

People having coffee at coffee houses generally think about how they can make such coffee at home. No doubt making coffee is a fine art.

There are various variables that are required to be considered. Only with the use of perfect technique and variables, one can get to a delicious perfect coffee cup.

Make sure the coffee beans are roasted well and if you are using ground coffee then it should be fresh. Coffee beans are sometimes oily and sticky flavoring and remember to use a good roaster if you are roasting it at home.

The ratio of water to coffee should be correct according to the taste you want. It is preferred to use mineralized water to make coffee and the temperature should be maintained between 195 to 205 degrees.

The minimum time required to brew coffee is 3 minutes and it differs depending upon the type of coffee maker you are using.

How many Scoops of Coffee for 12 Cups?

It is tough to decide how much coffee you need to make. For an instance consider how many scoops of coffee for 12 cups of coffee.

You can start with the basic technique of using the coffee to water brew ratio which is different for different levels of coffee.

Different flavors of coffee need a different number of scoops to make it and the same coffee may be too light for someone or it may be strong for someone, it depends on person to person.

Here is a guide to making that tasty cup of coffee.

How many scoops of coffee for 12 cups with table

Learn more about coffee ratio

#1 Soft Flavor Coffee

If you have a gathering of 12 people who love to have coffee with soft flavors then you should use 1 scoop per 3 cups that means for making 12 cups of soft flavored coffee you can use 4 scoops of coffee.

Using coffee less than this will result in very poor flavor or no flavor at all coffee, it will be just plain water or milk with a tincture of coffee.

#2 Medium Flavor Coffee

A flavor generally loved by many people as it is not that soft or that strong. For making medium flavored 12 cups of coffee you need 8 scoops of coffee that mean 2 scoops per 3 cups.

Less than the prescribed scoops will end up in soft flavored coffee and more than this would end up in strong flavored coffee.

#3 Strong Flavor Coffee

It is also known as dark flavor coffee which is loved by a die heart coffee lover. For making strong-flavored 12 cups of coffee you need 12 scoops of coffee that mean 1 scoop per cup.

If you will use coffee more than this amount then it will lead to a very dark coffee that may give a bitter taste. 

Final Thoughts

Using coffee scoops helps you make a perfect cup of coffee; you just need to follow the guidelines. Make that coffee-making experience worth remembering for you and for those 12 people to whom you are going to serve it.

Create your cup of coffee taking the idea from the number of scoops required to make 12 cups of coffee or you can invite your friends over coffee to let them taste your café style coffee at your place and be the best coffee maker of your group.

Hope this article helped you get your answer to the question of how many scoops of coffee do you need to make 12 cups of brew. Let the art of brewing spring out from you.

Happy Perfect Brewing!

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