How Much Coffee for 30 Cups? Guidelines by Expert!

by | Mar 7, 2021

The hidden secret to the cup of coffee is the perfect ratio or measurement of coffee grounds to water or coffee grounds to milk if you are using milk in place of water.

This measurement comes to your rescue when you have to brew coffee for 30 people. At that time you imagine how much coffee for 30 cups is needed. 

Read the article below to solve your problem.

How Much Coffee for 30 Cups?

Coffee for 30 Cups

Normally people use 1 tablespoon of coffee for one cup of coffee. Considering this, for brewing 30 cups of coffee you need 30 tablespoons of coffee grounds which means one and a half cups.

Yes, that is true but it works for strong brewed coffee. If you want medium flavor coffee use 20 to 25 tablespoons of coffee and for the light flavor coffee use 15 tablespoons of coffee.

#1 For Soft Flavor: 15 Tablespoon for 30 Cups.

#2 For Medium Flavor: 20 to 25 Tablespoon for 30 Cups

#3 For Strong Flavor:  30 Tablespoon for 30 Cups.

If this ratio does not work according to your taste then try to increase and decrease it for better results.

Learn more about coffee to ratio.

Factors to Consider Before Brewing

For making 30 cups of coffee you need to consider the following factors on which the final result will depend.

#1 Roast

The number of tablespoons also depends upon at what level your coffee beans are roasted.

Dark roasted coffee beans will taste strong and light roasted coffee beans will give a light flavor to coffee. Go for the perfect balance for the perfect palate.

Coffee Roasting

#2 Brewing Time

Brewing time also leads to the flavor of the coffee. Coffee brewed for a long time will taste very strong and coffee brewed for less time will taste light.

To avoid the bitter taste make sure you control the brewing time. Brew coffee for 10 minutes or less to be on the safer side.

brewing time

Guidelines for Perfect Brewing

  • Using filtered water as tap water may little bit spoil the taste of the coffee.
  • First, try with less amount of coffee and then increase or decrease according to the taste.

Although espresso machines and drip coffee makers can make 30 cups of coffee for making a large amount of coffee, percolators are used.

It is a classic machine with a classic design that is relatively cheap and easy to make coffee in when you have to serve large gatherings.

They brew at high temperatures and make strong results that your guests would love to have.

But this high temperature may sometimes lead to bitter coffee and the biggest drawback is it does not come with a filter leading to grounds in the coffee.

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