Is Black Coffee Good for You? If Yes, Then How and Why

by | May 4, 2021

For most of history, coffee was the drink of rich peoples not everyone could afford it. Now everyone can easily get it from his or her favorite coffee shops for few dollars, or one can make it on their own as he or she likes at home.

If you drink black coffee then it is all way good to consume it daily because several health benefits are coming to you.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the health benefits of consuming black coffee along with some side effects of taking black coffee in the wrong way.

An article will surely help you to get an answer to “Is Black Coffee Good for you?”

How Much Black Coffee a Day is Healthy?

How much black coffee a day is healthy

4-5 cups of coffee a day is an ideal amount for a person. The indicated amount is associated with a minimum risk of premature death as well as many common illnesses.

Why is Black Coffee Good for You?

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce liver disease risk
  • Diabetes control
  • Prevents Parkinson’s disease

Brew it to prevent several diseases!

#1 Lose Weight

Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Yes, you read that right! Consuming black coffee every day can cause your body to lose those extra pounds because the caffeine content prevents weight gain. Numerous studies have found that drinking coffee every day burns calories and helps burn more fat during exercise.

#2 Reduce Liver Disease Risk

Fast Caffeine Metabolism

The acidic content of coffee works better to prevent several liver issues. Drinking four cups of black coffee in a day can reduce the risk of various liver problems like hepatitis, liver cancer, alcoholic cirrhosis, and fatty liver diseases.

#3 Diabetes Control

Numerous studies have concluded that drinking black coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. The group of researchers found that people who drank six or more cups of coffee a day had a 35% lower risk, and those who drank four to six cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk up to 28%.

#4 Prevents Parkinson’s Disease

The disease mainly affects the elderly and the symptoms are muscle stiffness, tremors, and changes in walking or speaking. Numerous studies have concluded that you are less likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease when you drink more coffee.

How is Black Coffee Good for You?

How is black coffee good for you

Because of its nutritional facts.

Black coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that reduce the risk of various health issues such as heart disease and cancer.

These amazing health benefits are enough to learn about: “Is black coffee good for you?”

Black coffee contains a high level of:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • caffeine

Calories in Black Coffee

1. Black Coffee2 Calories per 8 Ounce
2. Cold Press2 Calories per 8 Ounce
3. French Vanilla32 Calories per 8 Ounce
4. Iced Black Coffee2 Calories per 8 Ounce
5. Flavored Latte134 Calories per 8 Ounce
6. Espresso20 Calories per 8 Ounce
7. Non-Fat Latte72 Calories per 8 Ounce

How Bad is Black Coffee for You?

The side effects of drinking black coffee are few. As it contains caffeine and it can interfere with your sleep. When suffering from insomnia, it is best to avoid extra cups of black coffee, one or two cups are fine throughout the day.

Excessive consumption of black coffee will harm your body in many ways while a balanced cup of coffee will have a positive effect.

Hope you have got an answer throughout the article for “Is Black Coffee Good for you?” Have a pleasant brewing!

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