Best Breville Juicer of 2022 (Top 5 Models Compared)

by | Jan 19, 2021

We all love drinking juices but in certain ways. This isn’t possible with regular juice purchase which offers nutrients along with harmful preservatives. 

However, a simple solution to this problem is buying the best Breville juicer. Put your desired food item, turn the juicer on and create your own juice at home.

50 Models Considered

5 Experts Interviewed

105 Hours of Research

178 Reviews Analyzed

Why pick a Breville juicer?

  • The brand is famous for its durability and innovative features. You can buy a juicer once and not worry about having to replace it anytime soon. 
  • Not just for its durability, most models are safe to be used. There are stainless steel made materials which is one of the leading ones in the market
  • Over other juicers most of the Breville’s models are efficient and smooth to work with.
  • The price that a user pays in exchange for the amazing feature is less and affordable whereas for the same features in other brands you might have to pay a lot sum. In short, the best budget juicer is one from Breville.
  • They are proving in the market that speed, larger capacity and reliability can come under a single make.

Where to buy Breville juicer?

The brand is quite popular in the market. It can be purchased using the online sources as well as offline market. 

However, we prefer online sources over the offline purchase as authenticity is higher in the former one.

Also, an online source offers better promotional discounts.

Best Breville Juicer

1. Breville BJE430SILBest Overall
2. Breville JE98XL fountain plus juicerMost Versatile
3. Breville- BJE830BSS1BUS1Premium Choice
4. Breville- BJE200XLMost Compact
5. Breville BCP600 SILHonorable Mention

How to use Breville juicer?

  • The juicer is easy and effortless to use. 
  • Start with ensuring that all the parts are connected properly. After the assembly process is over, start juicing
  • Place your food items into the tube in your desired sequence. You can always start with a harder food item followed by softer ones. 
  • Once, the items are in the jar use the pusher with a little pressure to put the food item closer to the blades.
  • Decide on the speed and then turn on the juicer. With the pulp separation, you will see the juice heading to the jug while pulp finds its way into a grey bin.

How to clean Breville juicer?

  • Well, it is easy to clean the Breville juicer parts. Most of the models are dishwasher immune and comes with detachable parts. 
  • It is still a possibility that the pulp is hard enough to not get cleaned with a mere regular wash. For the same, we suggest you soak the juicer in water.
  • It is better to add a mild-dish washing soap.
  • Mesh-filter also requires soaking for an hour and a cleaning brush makes it an easy task to clean it.
  • For the outside parts gently clean it with a wet cloth.

How to choose the Best Breville Juicer?

Although Breville has all the amazing features, it still depends on your requirements. Some features which might interest a group of people might not be the desired option for the other ones.

Read the following ones and then decide on buying your best Breville juicer:

Juicing speed

There are two kinds of Breville juicer one is centrifugal another is masticating (cold press juicer). The former one produces a quick juicer while later takes a few extra minutes

Size of the motor

The more powerful motor the merrier its advantages. A juicer with 800 watts is better than one just with 400 watts.

But a masticating one really doesn’t get bothered about the motor size.

Size of the juicer

Depending on your requirement the size may vary. There are compact models which are such created that they help in saving space. The taller juicers may also help you in the same.

If you want a juicer with a small size you should check our article on Best Compact Size.

Wide- Chutes

The wider chutes are extremely helpful in every case. They reduce the prep time as there no longer remains any need to chop the food items into smaller size before putting in the juicer jar.

Jug size

For a family, it is better to have a large capacity holding jug. These jugs are often measured in quarters. Most of the Breville juicer jars have froth separation feature.


It is important to look into the accessories of the model before buying it. There are additional cleaning brush and jars which makes the cleaning as well as storing better than a normal juicer.

Also, as these are accessories you need not pay any extra amount for the same.

Pulp container

With larger pulp container the chances of having to empty it lower down. But even a small pulp container works in return of all the good nutrients that you get to enjoy.

How do we pick the products?

It takes several experts who know all about the juicers to pick the amazing 5 products.

We start by looking for the top 50 and eliminate the ones which did not match the criteria of innovative features, affordability and durability.

Hence, you can rest assured that these mentioned products will help you in some way or the other.

Also, it will keep you off the trouble of doing all the research on your own.

We have discussed some of the best picks here with their pros, cons and top features that made them in the list of top Breville models according to us.

1. Breville BJE430SIL

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Best Overall

  • Cold Spin technology 
  • Requires less prep-time 
  • Better hygiene

Breville works on the cold extraction system keeps the mineral and vitamins intact. Its shelf-life is around 72 hours.

Heat generation is minimal due to cold spin technology meaning it safes from overheating troubles.

It works on a two-a speed option one is high and another one is low.

For hard items putting on high-speed options works well while for softer ones just require a low speed.

At low speed, it works at 6500 rpm while high speed maintains a 13000 rpm.

Ease of cleaning is something we liked and this model embraces nylon bristle brush.

The Capacity of the pulp holder is nice and spacious. It is a refrigerator safe material.

The 84 mm wide chute feed shortens the prep time. We felt that the prep time is less while using this particular model. 

Warranty: it has a one-year guarantee on the functioning.



Innovative cold extraction


Long- shelf life


Minimal heat generation


Detachable spout


Better hygiene owing to its stainless-steel cutter



Only two-speed controls but they work well


1. Voltage110 – 120 V
2. Power850 Watts
3. Speed13000 rpm
4. Weight11 Pounds
5. Jug Capacity70 Ounce
6. Dimension14.5 x 10.5 x 17.6 Inches
7. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
8. MaterialABS & Stainless Steel
9. ColorSilver
10. Warranty1 Year

2. Breville JE98XL fountain plus juicer

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Most Versatile

  • User-friendly
  • Quick juicing
  • Overload protection feature

This model from Breville works on two-speed options for slower or fast operations. One works at an RPM of 12,000 and 6,500. 

The feeding chute is large means a faster functioning with efficiency. We felt that the overload protection works fine in case you are overfilling the jar. 

Its pulp collector is exceptionally large with an integrated handle for comfortable lifting.

Also, the cold spin technology protects nutrients and enzymes of the juice. The Material used is a polymer with stainless steel blades and a mesh filter basket.

Screen clogging is one thing we didn’t like in this model. But once we kept it soaked for minutes it got easy to clean it.

Warranty: one-year long warranty life. A user can rest free of using the juicer without the thought of actually harming it.



2-speed feature


Larger feed chutes


Overload protection


Pulp collector of large capacity


Safety locking arm



Little bit expansive


1. Voltage110-120 V
2. Power800 Watts
3. Speed12000 rpm
4. Weight9.9 Pounds
5. Jug Capacity36 Ounce
6. Dimension13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 Inches
7. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
8. MaterialBPA Free Plastic & Stainless Steel
9. ColorSilver
10. Warranty1 Year

3. Breville- BJE830BSS1BUS1

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Premium Choice

  • Efficient juicing
  • Travel-friendly
  • Attractive accessories

BJE830BSS comes with L-shaped brushed stainless steel design as a compact model.

The cold-spin technology works to keep the heat transfer to minimal. It can hold a capacity of 70 Ff.oz with a tight seal. 

The juice extractor can be stored in the same for up to 3 days. All the juicer parts are detachable makes an advantage for cleaning. 

Included accessories are juice faucet to keep directing the extract into the glass, a brush for better cleaning and an amazing extra-large pulp collector bin. 

The model works on a noise reduction technology to keep it down while the extraction is being done.

However, there are some possibilities for oxidation.



L-shaped sleek design


Cold-spin technology


Seal juice container


Detachable parts


Extra-large pulp collecting bin



Expansive but premium quality


1. Voltage110-120 V
2. Power1200 Watts
3. Speed13000 rpm
4. Weight14.3 Pounds
5. Jug Capacity70 Ounce
6. Dimension13.4 x 13.2 x 17.4 Inches
7. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
8. MaterialBPA Free Plastic & Stainless Steel
9. ColorSilver
10. Warranty1 Year

4. Breville- BJE200XL

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Most Compact

  • Reasonable price
  • Powerful everyday performance
  • Forth separator jug

BJE200XL works on a 700-watt powerful motor. In mere seconds it takes up the highest speed and extracts with efficiency.

Also, with hard food items, it works smoothly owing to its motor.

It has a safety feature to keep it away from any unsafe operation or miss happening.

The juicer works on a stainless steel cutting disc which is surrounded by a micro-mesh filter.

This knife is placed in the center for better meshing. So, even if the food item is lower placed ensures fine coarse result.

The biodegradable bags collect the dry pulp and make it easy to clean by simply taking the bags off.

Add-on accessories is a cleaning brush that accompanies the product for better cleaning.

Also, a juice jug with the ability of froth separation is also included.

However, the micro-mesh filter might be a little hard to clean as the small pulps get stuck in it.

For the same, we suggest you keep the filter soaked in water for a while and the pulp separates on its own.

We have also listed this juicer in Best Juicer for Celery, Greens, Carrots & Ginger category.

Warranty: it has a limited warranty of 1 year.



Powerful motor


Stainless steel cutting disc


Dual-knife centred blade


Biodegradable bags for easy clean-up


Much required add- on accessories



Mesh is little difficult to clean


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power700 Watts
3. Speed14000 rpm
4. Weight9.68 Pounds
5. Jug Capacity51.2 Ounce
6. Dimension7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 Inches
7. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
8. MaterialBPA Free ABS & Stainless Steel
9. ColorSilver
10. Warranty1 Year


5. Breville BCP600 SIL

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Honorable Mention

  • Effortless Operation
  • Safety features
  • Low noise generation

Breville BCP600 SIL model works on an ultra-powerful motor. With a small pressure at the top slushing, cutting into fine pieces comes as a result.

However, we found that the powerful motor is quite silent too. Noise generation is minimal hence, can be used in any place.

It works on a no-drip technology keeps the spilling off. The collector, juicing jar, done and filter are dishwasher safe

Juice yielding capacity requires fewer efforts. By slight press on the dome its fine increase the production of juice.

Also, the grip on the dome is strong.

It comes with a safety lock feature. The machines lock it once juicer is on.

It makes the juicer a better choice to be used around kids or by the kids in adult guidance.

We would have liked a little more on jar size but it works fine for most of the things.



Ultra-powerful motor


No drip technology


Dishwasher immune


Efficient juice yielding capacity


Safety lock feature



A little low on size


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power110 Watts
3. Weight7.1 Pounds
4. Dimension9.5 x 7.5 x 18 Inches
5. Juicer TypeCitrus Juicer
6. MaterialBPA Free Plastic & Stainless Steel
7. ColorSilver
8. Warranty1 Year



A Breville juicer is an amazing product to have by your side. It has some amazing features which make everyday life easy and healthy.

The juicer keeps all the minerals and vitamins intact in the final juice.

We personally liked how Breville BJE430SIL functions. Its cold extraction works amazingly.

The long shelf life is the icing on the cake allowing the user to keep the juice safe for around 72 hours.

Its detachable spout is another thing which has been given importance in this particular model.

It is important to keep health a part of your everyday life. Also, it is simple to take care of the same.

Buy a Breville juicer and meet your entire daily health requirement.

The product will not disappoint you with its innovative technology, long-lasting life, and amazing features in any possible way.

Happy healthy juicing people!

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