5 Best Compact Juicer and Best small Juicer Easy to Clean

by | Dec 31, 2020

Today, this fast-moving world and busy schedule do not allow us to have a nutritious diet which includes green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. Lack of nutrition directly impacts our health. 

We had to come up with a solution which takes very less time and adds nutrients to your daily routine. A Best Compact Juicer works great for almost everyone.

Eating salad will take a long time, here is a solution, take your tomato juicer, squeeze and crush those vegetables and fruits to get yourself a glass full of nutrients in one go.

Juicer is that one thing which comes handy when you come back from the office or finish your workout or want to have something wholesome while driving. Juicing is the easiest and healthy way to get the maximum out of those vegetables and fruits.

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What is Compact Juicer?

A Best Compact Juicer is the one which gets a tick mark on qualities that are given below. So before giving for a juicer makes sure to check all the details of the juicer.

Types of Juicer

Two basic types of the juicer are available in the market- One is masticating juicer and another one is a centrifugal juicer.

1. Masticating Juicer

The first question that comes to your mind is what is a masticating juicer?

A masticating juicer is one which is also known as a slow juicer or a cold press juicer is one that grinds the fruits and vegetables in an auger that meshes the ingredients and through a column nutritious juice full of enzymes come out and are stored in a cup using pressing mechanism and tasting juice. 

If you are the one who hates pulps in the juice then this is the best juicer for you. On the other hand, a masticating juicer is slow as it does not use blades and more expensive compared to the other category of juicer.

You have to dice and chop up the veggies and fruits into small fragments before putting it in the juicer. Cleaning of this juicer is little strenuous and juice degrades within 36 to 72 hours.

This juicer works best in pressing nutrients as it uses no heat and making juices of fruits which oxygenate very fast like an apple. You need to be patient enough to wait for the nutritious delight because it is little time taking but we promise that the wait would be worth it.

2. Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicer is the one which uses a spin method to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. Its sharp blades spin at a high speed in the centralized column to separate the juice and the pulp. This juicer comes with various properties which makes it a modern-day juicer. 

Among all its counterparts it is the fastest juicer as it can extract juice within minutes. From hard, thick fruits to soft leafy vegetables and fruits it can crush and squeeze out the juice without prepping, peeling and cutting, just trust your juicer and give all the ingredients to it.

Don’t worry about cleaning and storing, these juicers are easy to clean and assemble and require less space to store. 

No doubt the juicer is fast but it is a little noisy and even the resultant juice is frothy. Juice even degrades a few hours after juicing. The heat of the juicer destroys some nutrients of juice. But it is said that little disadvantages cannot overrule the advantages of the product.

Fruits and Vegetables that can be Extracted

Juicing is a modern-day concept of having nutrients. People don’t get time to peel, cut and sit back to eat the raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing makes it easy to extract all the nutrients from these veggies and fruits and consume them in a go.

Hard fruits and vegetables to soft ones, juicers can extract juice from any ingredient. 

Some juicers are smart enough to sort out among soft and hard ingredients. Some juicers are made to handle only soft pulpy fruits like lemon, orange juicer machine and some are designed in such a way that they can handle hard fruits and veggies like apple, sugar beets, pineapple, cucumber, mango or be an oster juicer

How to Clean the Best Cmpact Juicer?

The messiest business while cooking in the kitchen is juicing because even if one equipment is not locked properly either you end up in a messy kitchen or a juice and pulp mixture as an output.

After every use, it needs to be cleaned at every corner.


Cleaning a masticating juicer is more arduous compared to a centrifugal for specific work like being an orange juicer. Marinating hygiene is the top priority for all of us right now.

Go for the juicer which is easy to clean and it would be better if it is dishwasher safe.


Generally, people have an opinion that higher the price, higher will be the quality and lower the price, lower will be its quality because everyone cares about price and price creates this type perception about the product in the mind of the buyer.

Sometimes you get the product not at the lowest, not at the highest but somewhere in the middle range. 

Centrifugal juicers are more affordable compared to the masticating ninja juicer. If you don’t look at the price and want a refreshing cold-pressed tasty juice for big family or gathering then you can go for masticating juicer.

But if you are price conscious and want to buy for an individual or a beginner then a centrifugal juicer is the best choice.


It is true that with high speed comes high noise. Centrifugal juicers use sharp and fast running blades to extract juice within minutes due to which it makes noise.

The noise in itself becomes an invitation alarm for everyone in the family for the juice at the dining table. 

Make an investment in the juicer which you can afford plus it should be of good quality and let your investment speak for itself.


It is clear from the above discussion that the speed of centrifugal juicer is faster compared to masticating juicer. But the result of the latter is better.

Speed of the centrifugal juicer is 3000 to 15000 rpm due to which the juice is separated quickly but the outcome has foamy texture. 

But in comparison to this masticating juicer has a speed of 40 to 100 rpm but the resultant product quality is high with very little foam. Due to less speed juice is separated slowly and is preferred by many nutritionists.

After doing long research and analysis we have come out with some Best portable juicer which is affordable, durable, and easy to use

1. Breville Compact Juicer BJE200XL Juice Fountain

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Our Choice

  • Unique Extraction System
  • Shortened Prep Time
  • Built-In Froth Separator

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer is a heavy-duty juicer with a centered knife blade assembly. It comes with an extra-large 3 inch centered feed tube.

30 percent more juice and 40 percent more vitamins are being extracted from its stainless steel cutting disc that is surrounded by an Italian micro-mesh filter.

It is very convenient to put it together, use, and clean. It comes with the brush to make the cleaning process easy and according to the customer's review it works wonderfully.

If you want to read in more detail about Breville Juicer we have separated article on it: Best Breville Juicer.



Brush for custom cleaning


Efficient juice extraction


Easy to clean


Good blending Power





The plastic reservoir needs to be handled with care


1. Voltage 120 V
2. Power700 Watt
3. Speed14000 rpm
4. Weight9.68 pounds
5. Capacity51.2 ounce
6. Dimension7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches
7. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
8. MaterialABS & Stainless Steel

2. Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Juicer

  • Our Rating 92% 92%

Most Compact

  • Unique Compact Design
  • Cold Press Power
  • Extract the Maximum Nutrients

Dash DCDJ255 is a deluxe compact cold press power juicer that gives you an experience beyond juicing. It is the best small juicer easy to clean with a brush, pulp measuring up, and frozen attachments.

As it is a masticating juicer, you don’t need to worry about the nutrition as it can squeeze the nutrients from the hardest ingredients. 

Its compact design makes it easy for the user to store it even in the small kitchen. It tees totally parcels out the juice from the pulp.

It is powerful as it can crush all types of fruits and vegetables. It can be the Best Juicer for Celery, Greens, Carrots & Ginger in your kitchen.



Super compact


Simple and safe to use


Travel friendly


Amazing Pulp and juice separation


Retains maximum nutrients



The pulp exit hole is comparatively small


1. Juicer TypeMasticating Juicers
2. Power130 watts
3. Dimensions14.49 x 10.87 x 5.79 inches
4. Item weight4.65 pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. ColorAqua
7. Button TypePush Button

3. Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine

  • Our Rating 96% 96%

Smart Choice

  • Extra large pulp bin
  • BPA free removable parts
  • Large 3-inch feed chute

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer machine is a smart choice appliance which can prepare a juicer in just seconds that too at the comfort of your home.

Its extra-large 3 inches feed chute can fit whole fruits and vegetables like a whole apple or a peeled orange.

Its large container fits in perfectly when you have to prepare juice for a gathering. 

From hard to soft, it can squeeze out the juice from any ingredient. Its easy sweep cleaning tool gives you an effortless cleaning experience.

Although it is a centrifugal juicer it is healthy and safe to use.



Easy to assemble


BPA- free plastic - long term


Makes smooth pulp-free juice


Micro-soft brush with bristles for better cleaning


Dishwasher safe



Relatively large in size


1. Power850 Watt
2. Capacity40 Ounce
3. Weight9.3 pounds
4. Dimension9 x 15.5 x 15 inches
5. Speed2 - Slow & Fast
6. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicers
7. ColorSilver

4. Muller Austria Juicer

  • Our Rating 93% 93%

Most Durable Product

  • Automatic Shut off
  • Patented Low-Speed Technology
  • Quiet Operation

Muller Austria Juicer is a sleek stainless steel modern juicer with maximum speed to extract nutrition that helps in reducing cholesterol from your body.

No preparation is required before juicing, through its 3-inch feed chute, the whole fruit or vegetable can be squeezed and churned.

It comes with an overheat switch off mechanism which makes it hassle-free and safe to use. Its anti-drip function and design make it a mess-free and easy to clean juicer.

Its durable DC motor consumes less energy and lasts longer.



Stainless steel material


Dishwasher safe


Easy to assemble- better cleaning


Powerful blending unit


Replaceable plastic parts



Little Noisy


1. Power1100 Watt
2. Capacity16 ounce
3. Weight2.2 pounds
4. Dimension16.5 x 13.5 x 9.7 inches
5. Speed15000 rpm
6. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
7. ColorSilver

5. Breville JE98XL Juicer

  • Our Rating 94% 94%

Best Features

  • Extra Wide Feed Chute
  • Built-in Froth Separator
  • Unique Extraction System

Breville JE98XL is a stainless steel juicer which is famous for delivering top-notch performance. It also claims to be a patented direct central feed system for maximum juice extraction.

It comes with a cleaning brush which makes it easy to clean all the parts like a mush filter basket and food pusher. 

Its extra-wide feed chute can juice large fruits and vegetables without cutting and chipping.

It has all the features that you will find in different juicers at one time which make it the best-featured juicer.



Neat froth separation


High/Low-Speed function


Safety locking arm


Dual speed setting for different food items


Powerful Motor



Sometimes leaves froth on juice


1. Power850 Watt
2. Capacity34 ounce
3. Weight9.9 pounds
4. Dimension13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches
5. Speed12000 rpm
6. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicer
7. ColorSilver


There is no doubt that eating raw fruit is better than having juice as it reduces the fiber content. But we can’t ignore this fact that juices are refreshing and can be consumed in a go.

According to us, Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Juicer is the best compact juicer which is both affordable and convenient to use.

It is durable and easy to use with good blending power. Its unique features make it stand out from the family of juicers. 

Enter into the world of juicing to find ultimate refreshment and relaxation.

Eat Well Feel Good!

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