Best Juicer for Celery, Greens, Carrots & Ginger (Top 5 Pick)

by | Dec 31, 2020

Everyone wants to include healthy food in their diet but lack of time is something which keeps stopping us from doing it. The solution is to get Best juicer for celery to solve the first problem. 

Now, another problem here is to know what features make the Best juicer for greens for daily use. 

Picking the best juicer for carrots can be a difficult task especially when you don’t know anything or a little about juicers. We have gone through several amazing products to find the best one for you. 

A product purchasing guide is here to help you buy the best juicer 2021. 

45 Models Considered

3 Experts Interviewed

74 Hours of Research

50 Reviews Analyzed

How to Choose the Best Juicer for Celery, Greens, Carrots & Ginger?

The task of getting juice from celery, greens, carrots and ginger is most difficult. Hence, the need to find the best also increases. You can use this well-researched guide to find the best product.

Type of juicer

There are two types of juicers available in the market centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer. Masticating juicer also known as cold press juicer.

Slow masticating juicer focuses on keeping the nutrients of food items in the juice. It, however, takes more time than another kind of juicer. If you prefer having nutrients over saving a few minutes this is the best choice for you.

Yielding capacity

Everything depends directly on the yielding capacity of the juicer. Some juicers tend to build-up more dry pulp hence, Maximum juice yielding. However, another kind of juicer keeps the pupil wet which means less on the final juice quantity.

In normal juicer it is a hard task, however; the Best juicer for ginger is definitely the one which leaves less wet pulp in the end. 

Quick assembly and disassembly

Juicer isn’t just about taking it out of the box and using it. There are things which go behind juicing. You have to assemble the juicer and disassemble it. For the same, you should follow a guide book. 

If the system doesn’t come with any you might have to get help from a professional to set it up for you every time. 

Even with a guide book, there are chances of needing an extra tool for assembly and disassembly. There are, however, some juicers which don’t require any extra tool. These might be the perfect fit for your countertop.


Wider chute

Small and wider chute juicers are in the market. There are different benefits to both. While the former small chute juicer manages to work in a small compact place.

The latter requires less prep time. You can put your large food items directly in the juicer and the juice gets out. 

In the small chute, you have to chop the food item to small pieces to have smooth consistency juice. Especially if juicing a carrot it is must to buy a wider chute best juicer for carrots.


There are some juicers which do the work of advance high priced juicer but come at a far less price.

These are the kinds that you must look to buy. The best affordable juicer comes with best features in a worthy price range.


Every best juicer for celery which comes with a long warranty card gives the customer a privilege to use the machine without worry that it might break down.

Some low priced amazing juicers come with a long warranty which might be lacking in the high priced versions.

The best juicer for greens has to be determined on the basis of its features rather than just its warranty card. Even if the warranty is not long the other features should be considered.

This is what we feel should be the right way of buying.

Other features

Anti-skid feet bring extra grip to the juicer. It is for the safety that no matter where you keep your juicer, it will not fall off the countertop.

Small feet make the task of bringing a design to the compact juicer. It also saves on space and can be carried along anywhere you go. Just a small corner place can be the home of your genuinely amazing juicer.


It is an important and necessary part while buying a juicer. The more the accessories better it gets to work with the best home juicer. Like using frozen accessories it becomes easy to make cocktails without harming your regular blades

For easy cleaning, a cleaning brush comes handy. After using the juicer, take the brush and cleans the pulp off.

Below are the best five products which we reviewed and you can go through each of their pros, cons and features.

1. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Review

  • Our Rating 99% 99%

Our Choice

  • Powerful motor
  • Amazing safety features
  • Sharp juicing system

This is relatively a new juicer in the market but the features are worthy. With the slow juicing speed it manages to retain better nutrients. The blades are nice and sharp to juice even the dense vegetables and fruits.

The product is dishwasher safe and with BPA free material it gets even easier to clean. An amazing feature is low noise generation which basically takes away the worry of having to use it away from the ears.

There is a long conversation of picking PMMA made materials as they are safer than ULTEM plastic ones. This has been taken care of in the AICOK AMR-521 juicer as it comes with acrylic made material.

The reverse buttons work fine when the juicer is overloaded with the food item. The shelf life of 72 hours is better in comparison to other juicers. We felt that the price of this particular product is reasonable.

It would have been a piece of cake to have a longer warranty period. Also, the need to prep before juicing is a minor drawback but for a nice product like this, it might just be worth it.

Warranty: The price range isn’t just that one thing; warranty of 3 years makes it even better. You can get ease of use without worries.



Ability to juice dense veggies and fruits easily


Long shelf life approximately 72-hours


Detachable components


Protection against overload


PMMA Auger for better safety



Veggies, fruits need to be cut in small pieces


1. Juicer TypeMasticating Juicers
2. Voltage110 V
3. Power150 W
4. Dimensions15 x 7.3 x 10.6 inches
5. Item weight8.23 pounds
6. MaterialPMMA, ABS
7. ColorBlack

2. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Best Overall

  • Amazing everyday performance
  • Compact design
  • Dual-stage engine technology

Mueller's this particular juicer comes with a dual-speed engine which basically means that it keeps the nutrients in the final result. Both the hard and soft food items find the same consistency when the final juice is out.

The product has a larger feed chute which reduces the prep period. Even the large food pieces can be juiced down smoothly.

There is a stainless steel culinary-grade cutting disk which ensures proper and best nutrients extraction from the food item.

Anti-slip feet ensure a better placement on the counter. Simply put the juicer anywhere and the feet manage the grip well.

We suggest using a cleaning brush to get rid of the dry pulp left in the bottom. Otherwise, the parts are detachable and easy to clean. Putting a compostable bag covering the pulp bin makes it even easier.

The juicer is however not at its best while working with the leafy vegetables.

Warranty: the Mueller juicer comes with a warranty of 2 years. It is well suited for a product this worthy and price range



Faster juicing speed


Large and better feeding chute


Quieter motor


Anti-slip feet


Added flexibility with dual-stage engine



Not recommended for leafy vegetables


1. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicers
2. Power110W
3. Dimensions16.5 x 13.5 x 9.7 inches
4. Item weight2.2 pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. ColorSilver
7. Maximum Speed18000 RPM

3. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer 67601A

  • Our Rating 95% 95%

Smart Choice

  • Easy to clean
  • Advanced technological features
  • Travel-friendly

The system works on easy handling, storage, assembly and operation. It has dishwasher safe material to bring better cleaning with availability to remove parts. Also, the micro-soft bristles make easy cleaning for the strainer basket.

The extra-large bin for pulp is a feature we really liked, so the juicing keeps on going without a stop to empty the bin.

It works on 800 watts of power which means that even the hardest food item gets defined to smooth consistent juice. This also means that prep time reduces significantly.

Like other juicers which have this auto-shutoff safety control which turns off the system when it overloads. Here, in the juicer, it doesn't exist. 

There also is a minor leaking issue when the juicer is overloaded. We recommend you to not overfill at any time.

Warranty: Hamilton gives a 3 years warranty on this product. It makes the purchase safe and trouble-free in case anything wrong happens with the juicer.



Large juicer capacity


Micro-soft brushes for better cleaning


Requires less prep-time


Dishwasher safe material


Quick assembly



 Lacks reverse function against overload


1. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicers
2. Power800W
3. Dimensions7.8 x 11.5 x 14.4 inches
4. Item weight9.55 pounds
5. MaterialPlastic
6. ColorBlack
7. Finish TypeSmooth plastic

4. Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Easy to Clean

  • Our Rating 91% 91%

New Arrival

  • Better accessories
  • Easy to store
  • Flawless pulp and juice separation

Dash DCSJ255’s slow mastication, more juice with less oxidation is guaranteed. 

The motor is powerful to get juice even from hard food items. Also with a perfect Juice and pulp separation less pulp comes out.

We enjoyed the Compact size and lightweight juicer. 

The product comes with two cups of frozen and juicing attachment. Frozen attachment can be a good option to make frozen cocktails.

All of these work fine to add ease of juicing. It also has a cleaning brush to clear the pulps.

The base is almost 4" which brings ease of storing and using it anywhere on the countertop.

Warranty: it has 2-year registration warranty. 





Easy to clean using accessories


Compact footprint- easy storage


Perfect Juice and pulp separation


Comes with amazing accessories



Slow Process but with high quality.


1. Juicer TypeMasticating Juicers
2. Power130 watts
3. Dimensions14.49 x 10.87 x 5.79 inches
4. Item weight4.65 pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainless Steel
6. ColorAqua
7. Button TypePush Button

5. Breville Compact Juicer BJE200XL

  • Our Rating 89% 89%

Best Compact

  • Sleek design
  • Long Safety lock system
  • Clear micro-mesh filter

Breville's BJE200XL falls in the affordable range

Most of the notable brands which come at a higher price use the best micro-mesh filters. Here we felt that the quality of the juice is similar to that of the notable brand, as the filter is almost the same.

There is a single button to switch it on and turn it off. Hence, the need of learning to operate the juicer lowers to a great extent.

We absolutely liked how the safety feature is available in this model. With a safety locking arm, there is no chance to create a mess. It is because the juicer will not turn on unless the juicer is in its place.

Assembly and cleaning easily is another thing we liked. It has dishwasher-safe components and a cleaning brush for a mesh filter.

We would have liked it better with multiple speed change options but it pretty much does the work.

Warranty: it has a limited 1-year warranty which is great to have in this price range. 

We have also reviewed top 5 Best Breville Juicer.





Amazing micro-mesh filter


High RPM for best result


Quick assembly and easy cleaning


Safety locking against accidental activation



No separate speed setting


1. Juicer TypeCentrifugal Juicers
2. Voltage120V
3. Power700 watt
4. Dimensions7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inch
5. Item weight9.68 pounds
6. MaterialPlastic, metal
7. ColorSilver


Juicers make our life easy and diet healthy. With so many amazing features existing, the need to find the right one becomes extremely important.

A juicer with wider chutes and better yielding capacity makes it fit well in the ideal juicer range. The icing on the cake is its affordable range. But following the right buying guide, you can get your best juicer forgreens easily.

We extremely enjoyed working with Aicok Slow Masticating AMR-521 juicer for various reasons. It stands out with the features that it endures. This might be the best juicer machine available in the market.

The honorable mention starts with an auto-shutoff feature that detects the overload and shuts off the juicer. BPA free material keeps the cleaning process less messy. The price range of this particular product made us fall in love with it.

Don't just stop yourself from buying a product that will take care of not just your diet but comes at a low price too. Best juicer for celery can easily take over your healthy routine with a one time purchase only. 

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