Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicer of 2022 (The Ultimate Review)

by | Dec 31, 2020

The worry of hunting for high-quality juice can be solved right away. You can make your own juice at home with the help of a juicer.

We will tell you everything you should know about buying the best cold press juicer.

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Why even buy a masticating juicer?

There is more than one possible reason for buying a masticating juicer. The first and foremost is the ease of doing tasks efficiently.

Best cold press juicer ensures high nutrients, minerals and fibres in the juice. Another type of juicer leaves a lot of pulp and the ultimate result is watery juice which is prevented in Cold press juicers.

A masticating juicer comes with cutting or crushing elements which makes it possible to squeeze the juice from even the pulp. They often work at a low speed leading to minimal heat production.

It may take a little more than usual juicer to produce the juice. But as mentioned earlier it keeps the nutrients intact.

What is a cold press juicer?

The masticating or cold press juicer is a type of juicer which makes use of the chewing press.

In a spinning blade juicer, the fibres are often lost while a press ensures the mineral and vitamins remain in the final product owing to the less friction.

A cold presser is quieter in comparison to the other juicers. Also, the juice produced is of better quality with a worthy price tag.

What features to look in your best cold press juicer?

You must always start by knowing what features and budget makes you comfortable. Here is an insight trick of knowing the things which can make a difference:


There are majorly two types of cold press juicers. One comes with two rotating gears or such called triturating juicers while another is a single auger model.

The triturating models are good for people with preferring long life and are willing to set their budget really high.

They grind the food item to its finest consistency and by producing minimal waste. The lower speed makes it easy to reduce the motor load which maintains the high life possibility.

A single auger model saves money while delivering the utmost performance. These are well suited for vegetables and fruit grinding.

But the load on its motor remains high always hence, the long life doesn’t come guaranteed. 

Ease to clean

Some juicers are easy to clean and need just high stream running water. It takes no more than a minute to clean such juicers. However, the mesh region isn’t easy to clean sometimes.

We recommend you to keep it soaked in water. It takes more than a few minutes for the pulp to get separated from the juicer. 


A high on width feeder diameter brings the convenience to clean the juicer. There are some models which come with a one-touch disassembly system.

You can press it once and put the juicer in a dishwasher to clean. This also means you will have to look for a dishwasher safe material.

If you are running late on time your preference should be to get the best juicer easy to clean.

If you have less space on countertop then must check: Best Compact Juicer. With compact size also easy to clean


A wider chute brings the easiness to produce juice without having to cut the food item into smaller pieces. There are some juicers that leave the pieces intact if the larger pieces are just poured in.

It is hence recommended to try and cut the pieces in smaller ones if you have time to get a perfect juice as a result.

Don’t miss out knowing about the warranty of the juicer and if it covers the press. A product coming with a higher warranty should be another point for you to consider in your best cold presser juicer.


For anyone who is running low on space in the kitchen, it is necessary to check for the design of the juicer before buying the same.

A sleek designed lightweight juicer can work well for you. But anyone who has the permanent space for a juice on their countertop can go for heavy ones. 

If you looking juicer modern design and easy to clean check this: Best Breville Juicer

The juicers normally come up with horizontal and vertical models. With the vertical model, you can save some extra space. Any selection on the basis of design has to depend on your personal preferences. 

On one side, there are the best commercial cold press juicers while others remain fit to serve your personal gains.

Below after our thorough research, we bring you cold press juicer reviews. 

1. Omega J8006HDS Juicer

  • Our Rating 98% 98%

Best Overall

  • Easy to operate
  • Noise-free smooth juicing
  • No overheating

A juicer from Omega makes everything look nice; we absolutely loved its sleek design. This model comes with a dual-stage feature.

The amazing motor made sure all the ingredients were squeezed into juice nicely. It works at 200 watts of power

We enjoyed the large capacity of this juicer. Also, there is this added end cap which is adjustable to cover the top. The process of extraction of the juicer is unique to the line of juicers.

The final pulp is dry which means that all the juice is extracted from the food item.

Five settings system is nice and the user gets to enjoy which one to use for a particular food item. One can go high till the fifth setting to extract juice from tough vegetables, fruits and other food items.

The longer shelf life is an added point here with this particular juicer. It also has a four feet stabilization feature which brings extra stability to the juicer.

When we grounded our coffee beans the juicer didn’t move from its initial position. 

The system is unique with its storage option which lets the juice stay in it for 72 hours without getting degradation. It also prevents overheating and overloading to a great extent. 

Noise level is also a feature to appreciate. It is quite low, almost a silent one. However, this juicer solves all the troubles by delivering at its best; we found there are some areas where it doesn’t perform up to the mark.



No heat build-up


Less noisy


72 hours storage without degradation


Minimal overheating


Longer shelf life



Processing is slow but good is quality


1. Voltage110 V
2. Power200 watts
3. Dimensions14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
4. Item weight13 Pounds
5. MaterialStainless steel
6. ColorMetallic

2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer AMR521

  • Our Rating 97% 97%

Best Features

  • Overload detection and prevention
  • Acrylic made quality juicer
  • Easy to wash

It solves the multi-purpose juicer system by mincing garlic, herbs, coffee beans, and vegetable or fruit juices. This juicer also perform great as Best Juicer for Celery, Greens, Carrots & Ginger

The device is completely dishwasher safe. With the option to detach the components it gets even easier to clean it.

If not in the dishwasher, cleaning it under running tap water works fine to bring deep cleaning. Acrylic material is used which is safer than plastic ones. 

It prevents overloading by getting back to the reverse button and the same is available to prevent the overheating.

The machine operates slowly meaning there will be less clogging, foam formation while keeping the minerals, vitamins and enzymes in the final juice.

We didn’t like how the juicing time is more in this particular model which is in seconds in other models.

The juicer requires food items to be cut in a certain way, larger ones don’t find complete extraction which small ones do. 

Warranty: It comes with a 3-year warranty but then there are other products also which comes with a warranty for more years. However, we still feel that the product is extremely durable.



Dishwasher safe material


Retains more nutrients


Detachable components


Safer material- acrylic made


Prevents overloading



Food items need to be cut into small pieces


1. Voltage110 V
2. Power150 watts
3. Dimensions15 x 7.3 x 10.6 inches
4. Item weight8.23 Pounds
5. MaterialABS, PMMA
6. ColorBlack

3. AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer

  • Our Rating 94% 94%

Value For Money

  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Satisfactory everyday performance

It is a multi-purpose extractor which works nicely to yield the best juice. There are 7 spiral masticating systems which the juicer uses. 

We liked how the reverse button has been used here; it lets the user clear the juicer when the ingredients get stuck.

The bottom comes with a non-slip rubber which brings extra grip to the machine and minimizes the vibrations.

There is minimal oxidation while using the product hence; the antioxidant property is what made us feel nice about the product.

The material used in the juicer is food-grade silicone which makes it a nice option to handle food also increases the life of the juicer.

The stainless filters add more vitamins to the juice while ensuring no fibres. It comes with a single button disassemble feature.

Detaching the jar and cleaning it afterwards becomes easy here. However, we felt some trouble cleaning the mesh filters of the juicer.

We recommend soaking the mesh filter in the water to take out the extra material off the juicer. Also, the juicer works at minimal noise production, adding value to the juicer.

Warranty: It comes with a 2-year warranty. You can replace the juicer in case of damage to the machine.



Minimal oxidation


Stainless filters


Produces low noise


Non-slip rubber


Easy to assamble



Take time to clean


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power150 watts
3. Dimensions15.83 x 12.09 x 7.91 inches
4. Item weight10.32 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic
6. ColorGalaxy gray

4. Jocuu Cold Press Juicer Extractor

  • Our Rating 90% 90%

Smart Choice

  • Smart juicing technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to clean

Jocuu’s juicer works on a dual speed system. There are two-speed controls available in the juicer. Both can be used for a soft or hard foodstuff churning.

When you want to get the juice from harder material switch it up to high-speed control and another way around for softer ones.

The cleaning brush tops the list of features. It helps keep the parts safely and easily anytime. Its silent motor is capable of producing a minimal sound around 60 decibels or even below. 

The disassembly and assembly function works fine with the juicer with just a single button. It makes the integral juicing part easy to clean.

Like many juicers, it also comes with a reverse function which makes the clogging a thing of the past. However, you will still have to make the food things get cut short in small pieces. 



Smart Juicing system


Minimum clogging


Easy assembling and disassembling


Maximum vitamin and mineral preservation


Amazing cleaning brush



Requires the food item to be cut in small pieces


1. Voltage120 V
2. Power150 watts
3. Dimensions15.5 x 12 x 7.9 inch
4. Item weight10.53 Pounds
5. MaterialPlastic & Stainsteel
6. ColorSky blue

5. KOIOS Cold Press Juicer Machines

  • Our Rating 88% 88%

Most Durable Product

  • Amazing pressure control
  • BPA-ensured material
  • Nutrient extracting technology

KOIOS juicer is a product of the latest technology as it comes with some quality features. Everything comes as a package under budget. 

There is a smart juicing system in the juicer. It is possible to get the juice out of fruits and vegetables easily. Even the fibrous veggies can be converted to a nutrition filled juice.

The controls are really easy to follow. There is minimal control which carries out the work. As it follows a slow extraction method the juice can be stored for around 72 hours straight up.

It comes with BPA-free parts which makes it a great deal to bring healthy juice as the final result. Some of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Also, run it under high stream water to clear the mesh out of the juicer.

All the operation is quiet and possible to use it around most parts of the countertop. The juicer has a nice auger design to it. Two settings in this juicer to control pressure is nice and effective.

We would have liked handles on the juicer to hold. Also, the chute is small which much of trouble isn’t but comparing it with other juicers this we felt is a lacking point.



Smart auger system


Quick cleaning


Quiet operation


BPA-ensured healthy juicer


Two setting pressure control



Small chute


1. Voltage110 V
2. Power150 watts
3. Dimensions10.23 x 9.05 x 15.74 inch
4. Item weight9.68 Pounds
5. MaterialBPA-free
6. ColorBlack & White


There are several studies which have proved the benefits of adding juice in your everyday routine. A cold presser juicer is everything that you require to make the juice in a healthy way. In very less time you can get all the minerals, vitamins at your own home.

We thoroughly liked how Omega J8006HDS Juicer performed. The most eye-catching feature of this particular model is the longer shelf life. Upon continuous usage, it produces negligible heat and whenever it does the juicer shuts off.

The same happens when you overload the machine. All the features make the juicer a nice buy. It might just be the best cold presser juicer for your kitchen.

Don’t miss out reading on some amazing yet most necessary stuff about your kitchen.


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